Our oldest son needs glasses. He’s always had a slight astigmatism, but after yesterday’s check-up, it’s quite apparent he sees nothing but fuzz when he reads. This is not a huge surprise to us, as our son comes from a long line of fuzzy letter readers: me, dad, grandma, grandpa, like every aunt and uncle.

What is surprising? The cost.

Our copay was more than I had, but we could have a discount if we purchased frames right then and there . . . but every frame was even more money than I had. And that cost didn’t even include lenses, or special coatings, or anti-destruction sorcery that I’m positive doesn’t actually exist.

My head was spinning by the time we left that office.

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Deep breath.

I’m not here to complain about money or what insurance does or does not cover (anyway, my husband already heard that earful last night).

I’m actually here to say: Isn’t it amazing how we always just make it work?

We’re not broke, but we’re definitely a family who has to watch every penny spent. We budget, plan, and save. We don’t live outside our means. But, we have kids. And, don’t things just always seem to come up?

Our colicky infant needs the expensive gentle formula.

Our 3-year-old’s toes are starting to bust through the top of his shoes.

My car started making a funny rattling noise, and the tires seem to lose air every other day.

Our oldest son needs glasses.

No matter how much we plan, life keeps happening.

We’re never entirely prepared for the next expense, and honestly, I doubt we’ll ever be. But, amazingly enough, we’re all still here, still making things happen.

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As parents, we never fully rest–and that includes our brains. I’m always imagining worst-case scenarios where we are continually bombarded by debt collectors until one fateful day, the Monopoly guy shows up, wearing his monocle and holding an eviction notice.

But, that day never comes.

Instead, we make things happen.

Our kids need things, and we will work it out. Maybe this month, that means we’re cutting corners on household necessities. Maybe a utility gets paid a week late.

But, our oldest son needs glasses.

And, as parents, we just make it work.

Jennifer Otto

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