One of my favorite things to shoot is the everyday normal moments in at our house. Telling a story through images is so much fun. One very important component to telling a story is perspective. There are many different ways to view the exact same situation. When I’m shooting I move around. A lot! Always look at the subject from different angles, shoot high, low, wide…all of this helps to tell more of a story. When you change your vantage point on your subject, it results in many different images.

It’s a lovely way to take a simple thing (such as this cutie chowing down on an apple after his nap) and turns it into a story. You can see how first I shoot wide, to include the surroundings and give the viewer an overall “feel” of the setting. Then i move in to shoot close, capturing the chomping, chubby fingers, flushed cheeks. I also love shooting “through” things…the chair on the opposite side of the table-I shot through the middle of it and you kind of get this “peeking in” affect. (one of my favorite things to do to tell a story through photos!) also loved the way his little feet curl when he sits, so I made sure to grab a shot of that. 🙂

Can you see how all of these perspectives help to shape the story? I encourage you to try this! It can be something as simple as the way your kids play with their toys, or running through the sprinklers in the backyard! And you don’t need a fancy camera to change perspectives….you can do it with your cell or point & shoot camera, too! Happy shooting. 🙂















Rutheah Rodehorst

I’m a wife to my best friend, Momma of three little curly haired munchkins and passionate photographer. Now comes the part where I tell you how I have a little love affair with my camera…it’s true. At the risk of sounding cheesy, photography has made me see the beauty in the sweet simple things that I used overlook. Getting to capture little glimpses of pure love, raw emotion, and that newborn-baby-sweetness…I love it and am so thankful that I am able to preserve those memories. If i'm not out shooting, I'll most likely be at the YMCA or browsing the aisles of Target with black coffee in my hand.