One thing I do on a daily basis is provide style information on what looks great on a specific body type. This, as you can assume, leads us to trying on multiple style options and usually includes one of the hardest things to shop for – DENIM. Finding the perfect fitting jean is not easy.

(A Tip from me: Go in with a positive attitude knowing not every style was made for you and that there is no perfect body.) 

Shopping for denim takes time! You will try on multiple styles, that’s just the way it is ladies! In the 7 years that I have been fitting women into denim, the one aspect that is somewhat universal is the rise. The rise of your denim can make or break your confidence in seconds. This is why for 98% of my customers, I suggest a mid-rise jean.

A mid-rise (meaning 8 1/2″-9″ from the bottom seam to the top above the button) does two very important things: 

1. NO plumber action (that bottom-crack is really not necessary to prove you aren’t wearing mom jeans)

2. NO love handles


The second of the two is what many of us forget. We think of a mid-rise coming up towards our belly button as a “Mom” jean tactic, but really, most premium denims (even some of the most expensive) are made with a higher rise for flattery. A jean that just comes slightly over, or to the hip bone, actually prevents all sizes of ladies from looking like they have love handles. Trust me. I have seen all sizes of bodies with love handles! It’s not your body ladies! IT’S THE JEANS!!

(Lecture complete) 

OK so what do we do about this?! Let me give you some ideas.

jean1The first brand I swear by, and happens to be our top seller, is Kut from the Kloth. This line is sold at major department stores. This brand of denim is a fantastic premium quality with the dyes and washes to match. It is a remarkable price-point! We have everything from a skinny to a trouser. 

One fit from this line that I go to time and again is called the “Diana.”  It is the straight leg “skinny” which is perfect for my customer who is afraid of the painted on pant, but wants something to tuck into her boot. Did I mention our best selling sizes were a 10/12? Yes, I truly believe every woman can wear a skinny jean, depending on fit! Plus, you can roll your skinnies come spring and have instant Capri’s.

Another denim line that stole my heart about 5 years ago is Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, or commonly known as, NYDJ. This is again a premium denim with fantastic washes to be sure you are never caught in the “mom” jean. This jean is a high rise meaning 9-10″ from bottom seam to top. If shaping and tummy tuck are what you are looking for, look no further than our front table. Just like their slogan, they really do make every body type look one size smaller! This is again due to fit and coverage, not size. My disclaimer for NYDJ is that if you are short waisted, I would stick to a mid rise as these may hit you too high. Any regular to long torso will love where these jeans hit. 

Now, I didn’t skip my jegging girl on purpose. It’s just that not everyone wants a jean that feels like a legging. Me on the other hand, I love it! I love them with boots,tunics and flowy tops. One line I suggest for this style is Black Orchid. They too have an amazing mid-rise jegging that I wear constantly. Again, the rise still does it’s job while I enjoy the slim leg fit. I love to roll them up come spring to make a Cigarette style Capri pant. 

I think I could go on for days on tips about finding denim with the right fit, style, bottom opening, and rise for you. Just remember this:  A mid-rise pant only says one thing about you…

“I will not look bloated with love handles today”

Yours Truly

Anna M Greenwald 

Anna Greenwald

Owner, creative director, and personal stylist, Anna Greenwald opened elesch boutique in October of 2011. She takes her combination of sensible fashion, perspective, and today's trends to bring unique and versatile style to Mid-Nebraska. elesch, being the combination of elegant and fresh, perfectly describes the fashion, as well as the store atmosphere. Elesch boutique offers personal styling as well as private shopping nights for any group or occasion. Anna and elesch stylists are available for personal styling by appointment. 308-455-1335