Written By:  Jenna @ Lucky Little Mustardseed

Let’s have an intimate conversation about décor 😉

Matchy-matchy, my friends, is overrated and out.

Well, at least, in my book.


Yes, it’s what I like to call the era of the eclectic – where nothing matches so everything matches. Confused? Well, I mean sure there needs to be some sort of overall vision for your interior, but we currently live in a time where we can style our homes with as many colors, textures, and patterns as we want. It’s a beautiful thing.

AND that’s why I want to speak about pillows.

These sewed bags of padding are the jewelry accessories of furniture world. They are a fun, very accessible way to introduce additional elements to your look. I absolutely love them. You can buy them, make them . . . but that’s not my point. This is where an assorted array is encouraged. I don’t believe in creating matching pairs of these accents or selecting an entire spread from the inside of a photo catalog. The best designs I’ve seen didn’t happen overnight. They were searched for with intent; hand-selecting each piece.

“Home wasn’t built in a day.“ – Jane Sherwood Ace

Your domestic fortress should be an ongoing endeavor. My challenge to YOU is to start adding more character to each lounging space by slowly adding pillows. This concept can work with any style. Take your time. Use your eye. Trust your gut. The possibilities are limitless and in the end, you’ll have a more interesting look to your home, because attention to detail = happy décor.


Jenna Carlson

Jenna is a Nebraskan transplant living in sunny San Diego, California. She is farm-raised, corn-fed, and knows more than she cares to admit about making a mean mud pie. Before moving out West in Spring of 2009, Jenna earned two music degrees from the University of Nebraska at Kearney while playing “on-air” host for Central Nebraska’s FOX affiliate, Fox 4 & 17. She’s filled the past four years of her life with small office jobs, auditions galore, and a few booked gigs. Along the way, though, Jenna learned some tough lady lessons about herself, falling out of love, and how to keep the happy/creative side to life. Now with her classically handsome boyfriend (yep, Cupid found her again) and their three, four-legged kids, she’s a part-time actor, full-time upholsterer, and witty blogger of Lucky Little Mustardseed: A Truthful Evolution of Self, Happiness, & Everything Creative in Between. Oh, and she loves oversized PJ’s. She does. She really, really does.