Photographed & Written by Andrea Kelley @ Nebraska Sky

I am excited for warm weather. When I check I don’t want there to be even a tiny hint of snow for a very long time. So, to celebrate warm weather on the horizon, I decided to post a few flower pictures. My friend Carmen is a graphic designer during the day, and an amazing gardener in the evening. She graciously let me photograph her beautiful flowers. I printed some of her flowers on metallic paper and hung them in an art exhibit I had in Kearney, Nebraska.




Another one of my favorite things about warm weather is the baby animals that you see in the pasture. Most calves are generally pretty skittish, but this calf was very tame. When I would be in the corral with it, it acted like a playful dog. I liked the calf so much I made a short video of her.



Another one of my favorite things about warm weather is that sometimes you are pleasantly surprised at small town festivals. I was sitting on the curb at Cruise Nite in Kearney, and all of a sudden “Elvis” goes by in a pink Cadillac. I ran after him and got his attention, and he struck a nice pose for me.


I am looking forward to many fun things to do as the weather continues to turn more pleasant. Sumner has a very entertaining Fourth of July celebration. There is a parade in the morning and a rodeo in the afternoon. As I was walking toward the entrance, I looked up and noticed some enterprising young people getting a nice view of the rodeo arena for free. I wished I could crawl up there with them and check out that nice view for myself.


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Andrea Kelley

Andrea is a fine art photographer who specialized in taking pictures of classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes. To see more of her photography visit Pictures Of Nebraska. She also is the founder of a video website called Slideshows For Homes. Andrea helps people create real estate videos to assist them with selling their homes.