Dear firstborn,

I promise to remember you are still my baby. 

When your baby brother is born and you suddenly look so big, I promise to remember that you are still so small. 

When your baby brother cries out and needs me, I promise to look in your eyes and remember you need me, too. 

I promise to hold you, cuddle you, and smother you with kisses. 

I promise to read you stories and dance with you and to remember how much your world has just shifted. 

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I promise to remember the times it was just you, me, and daddy and to remind you that you are still my tiny love. 

There may be times you love being the oldest and take great joy in teaching your little brother, but I know there will also be times you struggle with shared attention, and you might feel sad or lonely. 

I promise to always see you. 

I will notice the subtle changes, and I will be patient with you when big feelings arise in your little heart. 

We will learn how to navigate our new normal together, and I will never leave you behind. 

Your smile will still brighten our days, your laugh will still be the most joyous sound, and your kisses will still make our hearts soar. I will be intentional to find moments to sneak away and connect with your heart every day, and I will remind you how lucky I am that you are mine. 

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My love for you will never be divided, it will only multiply with each new addition to our family. 

I can’t wait to see you as a big sibling, but dear firstborn, you will always be my baby.

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I'm happily married to the most wonderful man on the planet, and together we chase after God and love people deeply. I am an IVF rainbow mama of three in Heaven, two on Earth, and six frozen embryos waiting to come home. I enjoy hosting, baking, and game nights.

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