Some of my favorite holiday memories from my childhood are of decorating our house into a Christmas wonderland. My parents would carry box after box upstairs from the basement storage while my siblings and I stood around in anticipation, imagining (and bickering) about where each decoration would go. 

We’d turn Christmas music on the radio and sing along as we hung garland, built the artificial tree, and piece together tracks for the under-tree train set. And then⁠—once everything else was complete⁠—we’d gather around to set up our favorite decoration of all: the Nativity scene.

Ours was a hand-painted wooden set that, to my knowledge, was way older than any of us kids. We loved deciding where the stable would go and placing Baby Jesus carefully in the manger with Mary and Joseph looking on. I can still remember how those pieces felt in my little hand and the magic they represented as they stood front row center in our home, reminding all of us about the true reason for the season. 

Now that I’m a mom, I look forward to creating these same memories with my own kids. While I don’t think I’ll ever be ever to find the exact same nativity set we had as kids, I came across some gorgeous options in my hunt for the perfect nativity for my own family.

Here are some of the best ones I found:

Willow Tree Nativity

Willow Tree is known for classic, simple, stunning figurine sets, and their nativity set is no exception. 

Willow Tree Nativity, sculpted hand-painted nativity figures, 6-piece set


Fisher-Price Little People Nativity

This nativity set is the perfect solution for families with small children. We all know how much kiddos enjoy helping, and with this setup they can do just that without anything getting broken. I can imagine my own littles hovering around this set for hours this December.

Fisher-Price Little People A Christmas Story

Outdoor Nativity Scene

If yard ornaments are your thing, this nativity is a beautiful option! While your neighbors have a giant inflatable Buddy the Elf or National Lampoon RV sitting in their yard, you can go for something a little more classic.

Outdoor White Nativity set

Nativity Candleholders

These candleholders are a pretty spin-off of a traditional nativity. Bonus: there aren’t so many pieces to keep track of!

Interactive Hanging Nativity

A hanging nativity is a great option for curious little ones. With this interactive nativity, they can move the figures around over and over (and over) again.

Lighted Nativity

This gorgeous nativity has built-in lights and would look gorgeous sitting on your mantle on a snowy winter’s night.

Olive Wood Nativity 

I love the uniqueness of these carved figurines. I also love that they look beautiful, but are sturdy enough for young kids to play with and touch. That’s a win/win in my book.

Holy Land Market Olive Wood Children's Nativity Set (12 Pieces Set) (3 Inches)

Kurt Adler Nativity

So much beauty is packed into one place with this nativity. The colors and attention to detail are irresistible! 

Make and Play Nativity Book

This nativity doubles as a snow-day activity and a nativity. This book has play pieces, songs, and activities to help you teach your little ones the story of the first Christmas.

Simplistic Holiday Splendor Nativity

This nativity is more simplistic in nature, making it a perfect fit for any home. So pretty!

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