It’s funny how when you look back discover things you never realized you had — hidden treasures you had forgotten a long time ago. A plane ticket, a eulogy, the friendship bracelets & wrinkled photographs depict the days gone by. Keepsakes & knick-knacks, junk and prized possessions are all part of the items that you gathered over the year. But I think what you truly find in those pieces are the memories you’ve made. The items pile up making the journey you’ve taken so far. 

As you reflect over the past year, you have the ability to look back and discover moments; creating a highlight real for 2015. 

Take a moment to be still and let the goodness of this past year wash over you. Smile; remembering the time you saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand down the street. Or the overwhelming joy of seeing your husband waiting for you at the alter. Re-live the pride you had in accomplishing your goal after putting in all the hard work. Remember every little time you felt happiness and soak in the sunshine and warmth left there in your heart.
But also, let yourself remember the not-so-good times, because you have to go through the dark to appreciate the light. Slip back to the time you were rude to a stranger, even though they didn’t deserve it. Taste the anger on your lips as you spoke unkindly to someone who cared for you. Tears may well up as you remember a life taken too soon. Or regret may take form as you think about the time you let someone down by breaking a promise. Those moments define your year, too.
When it comes down to it, the tangibles you collect through the year aren’t the things remembered in life. It’s the people, who mold us, and shape us (for better and worse). Every giggle, emotion, compliment, piece of advice, shoulder to cry on, laugh and lecture leaves an imprint on your soul. And I think every person, gives you a piece of themselves to add to your heart— the real collection to cherish. 
Don’t lose the pieces you have now and never miss the chance to give of yourself for others to complete their puzzle; to make them feel whole. Because that’s really what life is all about, holding on to each other and going through the journey together. 
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Blair Cissell

Blair Cissell is trying to figure out this whole "adulting" thing. She is a fairly recent college graduate, is married to the man of her dreams & just had (in her opinion) the cutest baby in the world. She has left the full time work force temporarily for baby, and is figuring out this whole stay-at-home-mom life. Writing has always been a passion, that she uses to express her (limited) experience on love, relationships, parenthood and growing-up while exploring the beauty & power of words.