As we transition into fall my heart can’t help but be grateful for the change. Hopeful for the coming season and all the newness it will bring with it. 

2020 has been hard. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually . . . it has been draining. 

On any given year, fall is a time to embrace change. To hope for a fresh start. The cooler weather, vibrant leaves, a season for familyall a sign of hope for the weary heart. But this year, fall holds heavier expectations for the hearts of this broken world. 

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Our hearts have been heavy this yearbetween sickness, injustice in the world, and division between people there has not been a year filled with so much angst and sadness in a month of Sundays, and our souls feel it.

You are not alone if you are craving the change in seasons.

If you decorated your home with pumpkins galore a little early this year so your children had something to feel happy about and look forward to. So YOU had something to feel joyful about. Because even something as minuscule as putting a pumpkin on the fireplace can bring a sense of normalcy in a year when normalcy has been nonexistent. 

But, friend, can I tell you something? 

The seasons change, but our God stays the same. 

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Sickness abounds but God stays the same. Presidents change, but God stays the same. Worldly injustice happens, but God stays the same. The weather gets cooler, but God stays the same. The leaves change but God stays the same. 

The world falls apart, but God stays the same. 

When your heart urges you to find happiness in the things of this world, redirect your attention to Jesus. Our world will never stop changing, there is no solidarity in it. Nothing stays the same, the devil abounds, and hate runs rampant. But Jesus says, “Take heart! For I have overcome the world.” 

Remember today that happiness does not equal joyfulness. Happiness comes and goes. Happiness is superficial. Happiness is dependent on the things of this world. But joyfulness is within your soul and can never be taken from you. Joyfulness can still abound even when sadness is present. Joyfulness is steady, whereas happiness can leave you at any time. 

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So cling to Jesus and carry His joyfulness in your heart. No change in this world can take that away. No war, no politician, no sickness . . . nothing can take Jesus and His ever present stability away from you.

Friends remember, seasons change, but our God ALWAYS stays the same.

Angelica Andreu

North Carolina mountain livin’ with my sweet baby boy and wonderful husband. Lover of coffee, Jesus, and writing. I hope my pieces bring your heart some joy! Follow along with me on Facebook @ Living Abundantly ❤️