Written By:  Rachel Gnagy @ Inscribed Photography

There was such beautiful light on the morning that I took these pictures. Sometimes I find it helpful to give myself little ‘assignments’ as a challenge. This particular morning I told myself to concentrate on textures.

The first texture I saw was wood. This is an old barn door, weathered and battered from more than a century of weather and age. I love how the light brings out the texture of the grain of wood.

I love taking pictures of leaves. The light in this picture really brings out the variations in color and the different patterns in the leaves. It’s beautiful to see how the leaves are changing colors. Driving around in the country is so fun this time of year!

It’s been a dry summer and even the evergreen trees are showing the dry season. This pine tree has some branches that are drying out – hopefully next year will bring us more rain!

This almost looks like cornstalks if you don’t look too close. =) It’s really just decorative grass that has gone dormant for the year. I liked the contrast between the golden red of the grass and the blue of the sky.

Do you have a favorite fall image? 

Rachel Gnagy

Rachel Gnagy is a wife, mother, photographer, coffee lover, and book nerd. She and her husband, Samuel, have four precious children, two boys and two girls. Rachel is a work-from-home-mom, running a small photography and graphic design business. She has been writing for Her View From Home since 2012 and loves the opportunity to communicate with other women. http://www.inscribedphotography.com/ https://www.facebook.com/InscribedPhotography