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She was the second person I shared the news with, just as soon as my husband and I were finished with our own sacred moment, our hearts swollen and tears in our eyes from the generously answered prayer we had been gifted. And a few days later, I opened my phone to find a message from her—a picture of her own positive pregnancy test—staring back at me.

Our eight-week ultrasounds revealed due dates only a day apart from one another, and so it began . . . this trek through pregnancy, birthing, and now raising babies right alongside my very best friend.

Of all of the words that come to mind to describe the privilege it has been to share this season with her, one rises to the top: blessing. This sweet, sweet journey is such a blessing.

And should you ever be lucky enough to share this experience with a best friend, too, this is what you can expect:

It’s holding one another’s secrets with tight lips until you’re ready to share your excitement with the world.

It’s having someone to vent to about heartburn, and stretching muscles, and waddly torsos, because no one understands your woes quite like the one going through them at the exact same time.

It’s going to your prenatal appointments together and smiling through joyous, tear-filled eyes as you listen to the heartbeats radiating from one another’s bellies. It’s comparing growing waistlines and trading ultrasound photos.

It’s encouraging one another as labor draws near and texting each other’s husbands for updates through every step of the delivery process.

And as if sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy isn’t enough, the actually raising kids together part? That’s where it gets really good.

It’s taking photos of your newborn sons side-by-side and giggling over which shot you’ll use for their senior slideshow one day. It’s being able to borrow a diaper, or a change of clothes, or an extra sippy cup should you ever forget one when you venture out with your babies in tow. It’s comparing every detail of your kids’ growth and development; never in a way that competes, but always in a way that supports and celebrates.

It’s having someone to text in the middle of the night when your little one has a fever that just won’t break and you’re at a loss for what to try next. It’s an always-listening ear when you need to vent about the frustrations of toddler tantrums and picky eating habits.

It’s daydreaming together about the futures of your precious miracles.

It’s taking comfort in the knowledge that just as you have this best friend by your side, your child will also have someone who is there from the very beginning; someone he can walk his road with and lean on when the path grows narrow and windy.

It’s the story of two women who start as friends and quickly become family as their stories are undeniably and irrevocably woven together.

Here’s the sweetest thing of all about raising kids with your best friend: you are never alone.

She’ll be the someone who is there for you through the toughest parts of parenting—someone you can lean on when the heaviness of motherhood catches up to you. She’ll lift you up when you stumble and help you find your way when you feel lost.

She’ll forever be there to celebrate the joys of motherhood with, too—the one who takes pride in your successes and pushes you to be the best mom you can be, just as you’ll do for her.

The bond between best friends? It’s a strong one, to be sure. But the bond between best friends who share the journey of motherhood?

Well, that’s for life.

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