Have you seen this floating around Facebook lately?

Tell your daughter

I have, and then I felt really, really bad. Why? Because of this…

Alexis August and Sept 002And this…

Alexis Birthday 2012 039

 She’s been every princess ever imagined. Even this one…


I almost wrote a comment on the post saying, “What do you do if your daughter really is a princess?” But then I erased it and I got to thinking…I’ve never had a problem with Alexis being a princess. I don’t outwardly call her a princess, but other people do, and I never argue. Then I realized why.

To me, “Princess” represents all of those things:  A warrior, Brave, A leader, Curious, Kind hearted, A detective, Creative, Strong, Smart, and Generous. I don’t mind that Alexis wants to be Fiona, Mulan, Pocahontas, or Sleeping Beauty. In fact, I can see why Alexis wants to be those princesses. Each one of them has something that they have to overcome, and it is never easy. But they always overcome the obstacle, and it always takes hard work. It’s like Alexis’ life. Except for the marrying the prince part. But then again, I guess she’s got her prince too.

photo (1)

That’s one of many of Alexis and Brandon’s wedding photos. I actually had to record and officiate the wedding at the same time. If letting my daughter be a princess all of the time isn’t enough, I’ve also let her plan her magical wedding on Pinterest.

I’m pretty sure that it in a few intellectual parent’s eyes, it makes me a bit of a failure. Don’t get me wrong, I let Alexis know how great I think she is everyday. And it isn’t hard to do. I don’t think the facebook post was meant to make people feel bad about calling their daughter’s “princess.” But to draw attention to the fact that we need to let our daughters know that we parents value their personality and heart. You know, the old saying, “It’s whats inside that counts.” And it reminded me that it’s not just telling her what she is, but showing her how to be all of those things. As a mother, we get to step up to the plate everyday with our actions to show them how to rock it like a princess…crown or not.


Tiffany Verzal

Tiffany Verzal was raised in rural Nebraska, and now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband Brandon and daughter Alexis (9) and Abby (2). In 2008, Alexis (then 14-months-old) was the victim of shaken baby syndrome at the hands of her daycare provider in Texas. Alexis suffered severe brain damage and has spent over 2000 hours in rehabilitation since her injury. Tiffany continues to raise awareness for traumatic brain injury, shaken baby syndrome and child abuse. Brandon and Tiffany serve as members on Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Brandon is currently the Chairman of the Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Fund Board.