Sweet mamas, I needed to share the heart of a labor and delivery nurse with you. 

I just finished a weekend of 12-hour night shifts in a usually very happy workplace. This weekend, it was not a happy workplace. There was more than one broken heart on my unit.

Please know, mamas who have experienced loss (of any type), that the nurses don’t forget you.

We don’t go home after our shifts, eat breakfast, go to bed and carry on with our lives.

We think about you. We think about your babies.

We get to our cars after our shifts and we cry for you. We ask God why for you. We pray for you and your family.

Our hearts break for you and with you.

When you feel like the world has forgotten your loss and your pain, I need you to know that it hasn’t. We don’t forget your names. We don’t forget your faces. We don’t forget your sweet angel babes.

You stay with us . . . not for the day, not for the week . . . but for our careers.

You are etched on our hearts and you become part of our story, too.

We don’t forget.

Stacie Hames

Mom of one little boy, happily married, labor and delivery nurse for almost five years. Surprisingly have made it through life thus far without much coffee but I do thrive on books and naps.