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She’s been a “sorry” girl. The girl who says sorry for being in the way. The girl who apologizes any time people seem upset. The girl who always assumes she has done something wrong and can never do anything right.


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The girl who has apologized for saying no. The girl who has tried to earn her love rather than just being loved.

But she’s tired of being a “sorry” girl.

For passing people in the aisle at the grocery store and apologizing. For not being able to make every get-together. For doing what is right for her even if it isn’t right for everyone else. For ever wanting to lie in bed all day when her thoughts are all-consuming.

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She’s been saying sorry her entire life. And she’s done being sorry for taking up space. She’s done being sorry for simply being her beautiful and unique self.

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Casey Sorensen

I'm a SAHM of two wonderful boys. I enjoy writing, organizing, and encouraging people, especially fellow moms. I'm a lover of Jesus, running and sending cards via snail mail. It is my desire for all moms to know they are worthy, seen, loved, and not alone. Feel free to follow my writing journey @words.with.casey.

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