These people. This bond. This love.

There are days I don’t like them. There are days, they feel the same way toward me.

There are times I don’t like their choices nor they mine.

There are times when they absolutely hate what I have to say because I can be too blunt.

But these people are the people I cheer for.

They’re the ones who, even when we don’t agree with what the other is doing, we support the best we can.

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I am bonded to these people beyond just being siblings. They’re a piece of my soul, the part that needs to hug and see each other in person to make sure we’re OK.

They’re the ones who drop everything to drive cross country if needed.

They’re the ones who, when the wheels start coming off and my world feels like it’s crumbling, are there picking up the pieces and holding me together.

When one hurts, we all hurt.

We love, and we love hard.

For some, it’s a love that’s hard to understand. It’s hard to understand because it’s big and it’s strong and it’s real. The kind of real love that can knock you down but pick you up all at the same time.

It’s the kind of love and bond I hope and pray for my girls.

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These people are my people.

Forever bonded, forever loved.

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Holly Lemons

Blessed by God to be the mommy to four beautiful girls, wife to one amazing husband, and an elected official. Crazy, a little...blessed beyond what I deserve!