“Do you have the kids’ basketball schedule yet?” you texted the other day. I sent back a screenshot of the calendar, and within an hour you responded telling me which game you’d be coming to. It was a simple exchange, but I was overwhelmed with gratitude for your love for my kids in that moment.

It’s something I think often but don’t say nearly enough: thank you for being such an amazing aunt.


I know it’s not always convenient. You live three hours away and have a busy, full life of your own—but still, you show up for your niece and nephews in too many ways to count. 

When birthday parties roll around, you’re there helping to hang balloons and set out food. You’ve been there to sing “Happy Birthday” and you’ve watched them blow out most of the candles counting their years.

You do your best to come to at least one game during each of their sports seasons, even though it’s a long trip for you and the schedules don’t always line up neatly with your other plans. Your encouragement of their passions means so much, even though they’re still young.

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You put so much thought into the kids’ birthday and Christmas gifts, always wanting to find something perfectly “them” that embraces their latest interests and hobbies. You see them for who they authentically are in a way not everyone does.

You’re intentional about making traditions with them, like the way you take our son out for an aunt/nephew date each year to celebrate your February birthdays. Even if it’s just a trip to get hot cocoa, the one-on-one time is so special to him that he talks about it for weeks afterward.

You’re here for me, too, and often check in to see how I’m really doing. Even though you don’t have kids of your own, I know I can talk to you about the tough parts of parenting—anxiety, breaking cycles, and raising deep feelers. You listen without judgment, and you never try to invalidate my feelings.

When you come to visit, you step right into the chaos as you pitch in with cooking meals and hanging out with the kids when I need to run out. You being here often gives me the break I so desperately need.

You’re a great sister to me, but the thing that warms my heart most is seeing how you have embraced the role of aunt.

You are always there for my kids, and I don’t take that lightly.

You make them feel special. 

You genuinely care about them.

You celebrate them for who they are as individuals.

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You prioritize occasions that are special to them, and even when you can’t be here in person you’re always sure to call.

You’re a big part of their lives, and I know your role will only grow as they do.

For now, it’s laughter and playing and snuggling, but someday you’ll be someone they can confide in about the bigger things in life—another safe spot for them to land in a complicated world and know without a doubt that they are loved.

You are a true gift, sis, and I’m eternally grateful for the light you bring to all of our lives.

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