I’m not sure why I have you or how come I get to, but I’m so happy that I do! Since the day I was born, you’ve been there with big earrings and a toothy smile telling me how beautiful I am. 

You’re pretty like Mommy, but much more fabulous. You have long blonde hair that is intriguing to my little eyes because everyone in my house has brown hair. 

You’re fun like Mommy, but a lot more exciting. You don’t say no that much and you never have laundry or dishes to do. Instead we dance or decorate outside or eat treats. You always have the best ideas! 

You keep me safe like Mommy.
You adore me like Mommy.
You pray for me like Mommy.
You make me feel special like Mommy. 
I’m your favorite kid in the world, just like Mommy. 

You’re extra special though, because you aren’t Mommy. You’re this amazing creature they call an aunt. You have no responsibility binding you to me yet your world stops if I need or even just want it to. 

You’re my safe place, my cheering section, my role model, and my future sounding board when Mommy has to be Mommy. 

My little self might not be able to fully express to you how much you mean to me, but all anyone has to do is look at me looking up at you to know how vulnerably I love and idolize you. 

You’re not my mommy, but you are my aunt, and you are wonderful. 

Abbie Dunlap

Abbie Dunlap writes about her personal experiences in hopes that others may be able to draw encouragement through reading about them. You can find her at https://abbiedunlap.wixsite.com/blog.