Sorry My Children Are Breathing Your Precious Oxygen

Sorry My Children Are Breathing Your Precious Oxygen
Written by Sara Estabrooks

Has this article popped up in your news feed yet?

“The most effective individual steps to tackle climate change that aren’t being discussed.”

That title sure is a mouthful. But it sounds like it’s worth looking into.  I want to be environment friendly.  So I clicked.

The article makes sure to point out to us… several times… that the number one way to reduce your carbon footprint is to have one fewer children.


Excuse me?

Which of my three wonderful babies would you like me to eliminate?

And how, exactly, would you like me to go about doing that?

This isn’t about global warming.  It’s about population control.

This attitude that children are ruining our planet churns my stomach.  I’m sorry my kids are breathing all your precious oxygen.  I’m sorry they fart greenhouse gases into your precious environment.  Let’s kill them all.


You’re not trying to save the environment.  You’re trying to erase humanity.


So you can indulge in your consumerist lifestyle.

Where’s the mention of the hundreds of factories that pour continuous streams of pollution into the environment?  Nowhere to be found in this article.  Because to admit that consumerism is the problem takes us way out of our comfort zone.

Because it’s easier for you to say “have less kids” than to say “stop buying fast-food and disposable products that fill our landfills and contribute to pollution long after you tossed them in the trash without looking back.”

Because you value your solo cups and plastic gadgets and vacations more than you value human life.

Talking about politics and the environment should never. ever. include critiquing a family size.  That’s not part of the discussion.  Let’s talk about clean living.  Let’s talk about minimalism.  Let’s keep it to lifestyle choices and not to attacking life itself.

Life is precious.  Life is sacred.  Life is beautiful and good.

And what the heck does “have one fewer child” even mean.  I have one fewer children than my friend with four kids.  The family with nine kids has one fewer than the family with ten.  My sister with two kids has one fewer children than me.

How about the family with one kid, should they have had none?  Should we all go childless for the sake of our environment?

Sure, kill off the human population so the world can survive.  Save the environment and erase the next generation. 

Doesn’t anyone else see how messed up that is?

Well if you want to go childless, be my guest.  Me, I’m shooting for 25 kids.  And I’m going to teach them to live a clean life.

You want to kill off your consumerist heritage, go for it.  Me and my minimalists will live on.  And if we exhale too much carbon dioxide, and the world heats up another ten degrees, so be it.

The world’s been heating and cooling for billions of years now.  I say let’s bring back the tropical climates.  Maybe the dinosaurs will make a comeback too.  And I can guarantee each of my 25 kids wants to meet a real live dinosaur.

Ladies, don’t buy the hype.

The big corporations want to put the entire onus of solving the world’s problems on the family gal.  But they don’t want to take any responsibility for themselves.  They want to stomp us down so they can rise up on their money thrones.

Well they can back. the freak. off.

By all means, do all the things this article suggests.  Recycle.  Take less vacations.  Drive hybrid.

All the things.  Except the “biggest thing.”

Don’t let anyone scare you into limiting your family size.  Don’t let them steal the joy those beautiful smiling faces bring to your life.  Don’t give them the satisfaction of enforcing population control through fear of the world imploding.

Have all the babies.

Teach them to reject the consumerist lifestyle.

And give them an extra hug for me.



About the author

Sara Estabrooks

Hi, I’m Sara!  A former teacher, sometimes artist, Catholic wife, and mom of 3 (with one on the way).  I’m here to open wide the doors of my heart and let you in on my joys, my struggles, my questions, and my life lessons.   My goal is to grow in kindness, love, and prayer, and invite you to grow along with me.  I’m moving forward step by step every day, and I’m so happy you’re joining me on this journey.

You can find more from me on my blog: To Jesus, Sincerely.


  • “Have all the babies” is right! There is too much hating on people who want big families or even medium sized families. Children are a blessing! I have four and I sometimes wonder if there should have been one more. God only knows. People need to be left alone to make their own choices about their family size and not be made to feel guilty. Thank you Sara!

  • I think you missed the point. This article is stressing how we can educate our children to make PERSONAL choices that will effect their environment. It’s not saying you should have one less child, it’s saying we need to be telling out children that their actions have consequences for their future and having less children is something they should consider.

    • I shouldn’t have one less child but my children should? No, I hope my children will know that I would never encourage them to have less children either! But everything else on the list, yes, do that instead.

    • If someone wants to have a big family, that’s great and such a blessing! Raise a new generation of minimalist, environmentalist, eco-concious, anti-communism children that will grow up to bring social justice and lasting environmental change to this world.

  • This post is KILLER!!! I think we have a very very similar mindset. And I couldn’t have said it better myself. So instead, I’m going to share this on all my media channels! I also intend on mentioning it in an upcoming post and putting lots of link-backs to this site cause girl, the this is SO well said!

    • Sabrina, you’re the best! Thanks for all the shares, I really appreciate it. I’ll be looking forward to your article!