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“I don’t know how you do it all day.”

I’ll never forget the first time someone said this to me after deciding to transition into stay-at-home motherhood. Said to me by a former co-worker (also a mom) with a look that was a combination of pity and disbelief. I doubt she meant it the way it feltlike a huge backhanded compliment. But it started a fire within me.

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That day it was mostly an angry fire. But it soon turned into a fire fueled by passion.

A passion to live out this high calling God has given to me.

Not of washing dishes. Or folding laundry. Or chauffeuring kids all over God’s creation. Yes, that’s part of it. But the underlying theme and the whole point of it allstewarding these little souls.

Because for me, in all the jobs and all the careers and all the degrees I’ve ever pursued, nothing has ever challenged me, inspired me, refined me, helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses like this full-time career of motherhood.

I quickly learned that if I look to the world for validation, I’ll soon be very disappointed or misled.

Because I’m measuring against the wrong standard.

It’s a learning process, but I’m slowly learning to drown out the noise and keep my eyes on the prize.

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So be encouraged today, momma! It may seem subpar. Unattractive. Meaningless. But this place God has you is beautiful, you are irreplaceable, and these tender times don’t keep well.

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Keri Reilly

Hi! I'm Keri. I am a former elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mom of three. Learning day by day to lean less on myself and more on my heavenly Father.

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