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Style Report ~ Southwestern Inspiration

Written by Anna Greenwald

‘Southwestern Inspiration

Written by:  Anna Greenwald

What better way to mix print and color than in a southwestern style. We LOVE taking this trend and wearing it through accessories.

Basic Mix-up: Scarves are always great to change basics into trendy pieces. To complete this look, add a jeweled headband.


Make it Modern: Chunky Stone jewelry with a contemporary top is the perfect way to show the trend in a modern way.

Free Spirit: Dive in with amazing all over prints. Add simple detailed jewelry to accent this look and don’t forget a headband!

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Anna Greenwald

Owner, creative director, and personal stylist, Anna Greenwald opened elesch boutique in October of 2011. She takes her combination of sensible fashion, perspective, and today’s trends to bring unique and versatile style to Mid-Nebraska. elesch, being the combination of elegant and fresh, perfectly describes the fashion, as well as the store atmosphere. Elesch boutique offers personal styling as well as private shopping nights for any group or occasion.

Anna and elesch stylists are available for personal styling by appointment.


  • LOVE these, and I feel like I could wear them — even carrying around a few extra ‘baby’ pounds. I feel a little strange about scarves and such. I sometimes feel like it looks like a ‘Snuggie’ on me. How do I wrap/wear it and not look like a dork?

  • Jennie,

    You can totally do scarves! This is something many women ask about so you are not alone! Look for a scarf that has less fabric so that it creates less bulk in front. ALSO turn to YouTube! They have some really great scarf tying videos with soo many creative ways. For a more simple look, I like to braid mine or twist it..come on in anytime for some ideas and DO check out YouTube–Ive learned all sorts of ways there!