The winter months are here, which means in our house it’s an eczema free for all! Yes, the dreaded red, blotchy, itchy rash that plagues us here in the dry midwest. We’ve tried cream after cream, dietary changes, bleach baths, homeopathic remedies, basically everything.

Last winter I decided, after dropping loads of cash on creams that didn’t work, that I was going to try to make my own eczema cream. After all, I’m a fairly crunchy gal and was quite desperate. I read recipe after recipe, and kept a running list of the ingredients that kept making appearances, I asked all my crunchy mama friends for their recommendations, and I thought about what things had lessened the severity of the rash for my kiddos. What I finally came up with happens to be only the MOST AMAZING ECZEMA CREAM EVER. There, I said it. I shared it with friends, I even sold about two dozen jars to friends and their friends, and this winter I have mamas coming back for more, which is always a good sign.

So, you wanna know the best part? YES! I’m sharing the recipe with you! The ingredients are all important, in my humble opinion, and while it may be an investment to purchase them all in the beginning, they can be used for several other things or can make 7-8 jars of this cream. You can store it in empty baby food jar, a small mason jar, or even little wedding favor tins.

17 grams Emu Oil

12 grams Shea Butter

10 grams Coconut Oil

6 grams Beeswax

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

4 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

3 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

5 drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

 Use a kitchen scale to measure out ingredients, and a double boiler to melt shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax. Then remove from heat and add in emu oil and essential oils. Pour into a container and allow to harden!





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Rachel Manley

Rachel Manley is a happy stay-at-home mom of six, six and under. A Nebraska native, she now lives in central Iowa where she often craves Runza, Valentino’s, and Papa Ray’s Pizza. Once a middle school math teacher, she decided to stay home after the birth of her second child and hasn’t looked back…very often. She spends her days reading board books, pushing swings, building train tracks, and giving hugs. By the grace of God Rachel converted to Catholicism in 2004, and soon thereafter married her high school sweetheart. She strives everyday to do the little things, as St. Thérèse did, and to live her life pleasing to Him.