Written by Andrea Kelley

A couple  weeks ago I was traveling on a gravel road. I was amazed because this year the country roads are showcasing a vast amount of sunflowers. I don’t ever recall the country roads being so full of such a high number of sunflowers. I stopped the car when I saw them on a trail heading into a pasture. The cumulus clouds made a scenic backdrop above pasture road.


In the morning the dew was dripping off of sunflower plants.

The plant below is commonly seen in Nebraska pastures.

When it got closer to evening, I decided I wanted to take pictures of a Georgian style brick home. I asked the owners if they wouldn’t mind if I photographed it when it got dark. I was excited because the house had a lot of nice windows that would look pretty when they were lit. While I was waiting for it to get dark, I took a picture of some sunflowers at the end of the driveway.

Finally it got dark enough for me to shoot some pictures. The owner of the house moved the pickup to the end of the driveway and put a car out of view.I had my trusty tripod and began taking a series of photos at different exposures. Their yellow cat kept rubbing on my tripod, so I decided to put the cat in the pickup for a little while. I eventually got a few great shots. I liked the photo below because the house lights cast a warm glow on the porch.

This house picture is an example of high dynamic range photography. HDR photography is interesting to look at because it captures more details than a typical photograph would show.


Andrea Kelley is a fine art photographer in central Nebraska. She enjoys photographing classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes.
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Andrea Kelley

Andrea is a fine art photographer who specialized in taking pictures of classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes. To see more of her photography visit Pictures Of Nebraska. She also is the founder of a video website called Slideshows For Homes. Andrea helps people create real estate videos to assist them with selling their homes.