This story was written by co-founder Jennifer Sill

Each week I find something I want to try on Pinterest, and I actually try it. I’m just an ‘average’ mom with a 3-year-old and a one-year-old. You can watch to see how the projects turn out. This week’s is very close to my heart.

I feel very lucky to have gotten to know my great-grandmother. Both of my own grandmothers helped raise me. I’m very close to my mother and sister. I feel very lucky. On this Mother’s Day Week I have to step back and acknowledge that not everyone is as lucky. My daughter is also lucky. She gets to know two of her great-grandmothers. I want her to remember that she comes from a line of strong women. This project helps me remind my daughter.


So, I had my grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter create some artwork.


Our prints drying


The artwork was SUPER simple. I chose the hot pink because that’s the dominant color in my daughter’s bedroom. We used washable paint because my daughter is three (and that means ANYTHING can happen when she has a hand dipped in wet paint). We had a blast making memories and artwork:










The framing is where you can really spend the big bucks. To have it professionally framed it can be over $100. I chose to buy individual frames at Walmart for about $14 a piece. Each of the adult hands fit in an 8×10. Madison’s little hand fits in a 4×6 frame.



I plan to add some of these family photos to an art gallery in Madison’s room:

From top to bottom, left to right: My Mom, Connie; Grandma Dot, Me, My Sister Jeanine and my daughter Madison Our hands. “Love” this one.



Michelle had great ideas for photo galleries this weekend.  Plus, a site for free conversation artwork.


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And here’s the link to the “Pinspiration” site with the black and white photo above.

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Happy Pinning!!       

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For nearly 15 years Jennifer spent her time clawing her way up the chain as a television producer and newsroom manager. She's helped create and produce newscasts and talkshows. Just as she was realizing some of her professional goals, she decided to give it all up for a family. Although Jennifer has lived in Miami and L.A., she has always called Nebraska home. She always knew she wanted to raise her children in the Midwest. Jennifer is now trying to find her way in a new world. She may be frenzied and frazzled sometimes, but she would not give up being a mom to her almost four year old and her almost two year old for anything.