Written by Rutheah Rodehorst @ Blue House Fotos

Hello there. I’m Rutheah; a busy wife and mom of three curly headed munchkins and photographer/owner of Blue House fotos. I am so very excited about sharing my passion for photography with the HVFH readers.

Taking pictures is so much more than just pointing the camera and clicking a button. Capturing the sweet giggle of a rolly-polly baby or a toddler napping with her doll tucked under her arm…those are the kinds if images that just make my momma heart swell. Capturing those everyday moments that seem to vanish as quickly as they came, I live for that. 

Over these next few months I am excited to share tips on how you can take better pictures of your kids, pets, flowers, or whatever it is you love. My goal is to leave you with some insight on composition, lighting and finding your creative eye. 

This is going to be a fun journey!


Rutheah Rodehorst

I’m a wife to my best friend, Momma of three little curly haired munchkins and passionate photographer. Now comes the part where I tell you how I have a little love affair with my camera…it’s true. At the risk of sounding cheesy, photography has made me see the beauty in the sweet simple things that I used overlook. Getting to capture little glimpses of pure love, raw emotion, and that newborn-baby-sweetness…I love it and am so thankful that I am able to preserve those memories. If i'm not out shooting, I'll most likely be at the YMCA or browsing the aisles of Target with black coffee in my hand.