Being a teenager is hard. Being a parent of a teenager is hard. 

But, did you ever stop to think that in God’s perfect plan, He created teenagers?

He created this stage of life just as He did every other stage. 

When we start to wish this season away, we need to remember God made teenagers. 

When clothes are on the floor, the bathroom is a mess, and we’ve told them to put the phone up yet again.

He knew they would teach us patience, so God made teenagers. 

When they drive away for the first time, when they are out with their friends, and when they have tough decisions to make. 

He knew they would teach us to pray, so God made teenagers. 

When we keep asking about their day, despite hearing, “Fine.”

When they compare themselves to others, but we keep reminding them of their worth. 

When they beg to go somewhere that isn’t appropriate because “EVERYONE will be there,” yet we stand our ground and say no.

He knew they would teach us endurance, so God made teenagers. 

When they are worried about which college to choose. 

When they know wrong from right but still make a bad decision. 

When they go places without us, and we know we can’t protect them. 

God knew they would teach us to rely on His wisdom and strength, so God made teenagers. 

When a sour look lasts for days, thank yous are hard to come by, and words are almost nonexistent, yet we still show up for whatever they need. 

When they’ve had a bad day so we surprise them with their favorite meal to cheer them up. 

When they’ve been hurt by a friend, but we’re there to help. 

When they forget their folder, and we come to the rescue. 

When they need a shoulder to cry on. 

When they need a safe place. 

When they just need to know we are there and they are loved. 

He knew they would teach us selfless love, so God made teenagers. 

I can’t help but think we probably take on a lot of characteristics of teenagers when God looks at us. 

And yet He loves us despite our imperfections.  

And in the same way we wait for our teenagers, He’s always waiting for us to return to Him, with His loving arms open wide. 

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Bambi Loveday

Bambi Loveday is a mother of four, and married to her best friend. When not running her kids to various activities and sporting events, she enjoys playing the piano, painting/crafting, and writing/managing her blog Love, the Only Thing.  She writes with the objective of pointing people to Jesus.