Thank you, Dad . . . 

For the lessons you allowed me to learn on my own.

For letting me fall, so I could depend on myself to get up again.

For making me rake leaves, so I felt what it was to work hard.

For disciplining me, so I could grow.

For making me show up, even when I didn’t want to.

For encouraging me to leave the party early, when I wanted to stay late

For letting me make mistakes, so I could learn the right way.

For making me do hard things, to show me I have courage.

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For walking away, to show me I can do it myself.

For giving me a chance to fail, so I had the opportunity to succeed.

For pointing out the problem, so I could find the solution.

For not doing it for me, so I couldn’t give up.

For being strong, so I had someone to look up to.

For being there when I needed you most.

For wiping my tears when they rolled down my cheek.

For showing me that generosity is free.

For allowing my independence to flourish.

For showing me how to love.

For always putting family first.

For making me proud to be your daughter.

For teaching me that strength comes from inside.

For showing me what it means to put up a good fight.

For waiting for me to arrive before you drew your last breath.

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For listening when I look up to the sky and talk to you.

For guiding me, even when you can no longer guide me.

For being you, Dad, thank you.

Robyn Sechler

Robyn is a Legacy Coach, founder of Securing Memories and author of "How to Change the Lightbulbs When I'm Gone".  She lives out her passion by working with families to recall, record, and pass on their family's stories. Robyn has three beautiful children and is happily married to her husband Tim who shares her dedication to leaving behind a legacy through his estate planning law practice.  She is the Chair for her local Alzheimer's Association and believes that all memories matter. Instagram: @securingmemories       @robynsechler Facebook: @securingmemoriestoday       @robynsechler