This year, there will be no Father’s Day card or phone call.

There will only be loving words, mumbled through tears, to the memory of my father.

But here is the peace that carries my heart through all the lonely days without him:

Dad has already seen the face of God.

And, one day, we will be together again.

Until then, it’s my job to spread the love he planted in my heart.

When one of my male students is struggling, I recall all the sports knowledge I acquired with my father over the years. So, I start a conversation.

And the love spreads.

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When my kids have a hard day, I remember my father making a space beside him on the couch. So, I invite them to get comfy with me.

And the love spreads.

When a stranger looks to me with eyes of need, I remind myself that Dad always shared what he had. So, I try to give like that.

And the love spreads.

The thing is, Dad’s life may be over, but the investment he made in me is only now starting to mature.

And the way that I can honor Dad’s life is by choosing to live out the best of it.

Because when I see Dad again there will be no more tears.

But gratitude for the lessons he taught me.

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And the love I still feel every single day.

All the way from Heaven.

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Lauren Fortenberry

Lauren Fortenberry is a passionate storyteller, educator, and mental health advocate, who has published and presented nationally and internationally on faith, motherhood, and children's health.