The bleak: Thanks to the unrelenting torrential downpours, our basement flooded.

The bright: Our basement renovation process got moved waaaay up on the list. Mostly because I couldn’t stand another day of our house smelling like a gerbil cage (have you ever had the pleasure of smelling old, wet, mildew saturated carpet? You haven’t lived!). I’ll be sure to share all of the gory details in a future post.


The bleak: In an effort to mitigate any further flood damage and prevent the basement from ever smelling like a kindergarten classroom again, we had planned to tile the floors ourselves. Unfortunately that costs about a million dollars, give or take a dollar.

The bright: Said tile DIY would have taken up all of our weekends in the foreseen future of weekends not to mention destroyed my bee-yoo-tee-ful knees. Carpet is not my favorite but I’ll live. The best part is it’s installed by a professional in a few hours while I drink mimosas.


The bleak: It won’t stop raining.

The bright: Our garden is killin’ it. We haven’t purchased greens from the grocery store in weeks. And our hippie dippie rain barrel is full to the brim.

The bleak: Gunnar won’t shut up about the garden.


The bleak: Every last one of my favorite yoga instructors at my gym either quit or had to cut down on classes significantly.

The bright: I got a membership at Lotus House of Yoga and my life has been forever changed. I thought about quitting my day job so I can just hang out there all the time but that’s probably not practical.


The bleak: I hate all of my clothes. I want to set them on fire and throw them out the window.

The bright: Last week I discovered quite possibly the best vintage store I’ve ever set foot in – Home & Closet on 33rd and B. Vintage shops can feel really overwhelming but this place is on point. A perfectly pared down collection and the best collection of vintage lamps my eyeballs have ever had the pleasure of viewing.


The bleak: I’m missing Old Crow Medicine Show’s performance in Papillion on May 30.

The bright: Because I’m flying to Nantucket Island to see one of my oldest friends (reference to the time I’ve known her, not her age) get married in a ceremony I’m envisioning will look a whole lot like a J. Crew ad.

You can’t come to Nantucket with me but you should definitely go to that concert.

Carrie Christensen

Hi, I'm Carrie! I reside in the lovely Lincoln, Nebraska with my husband Gunnar, cat Mr. Bibbs, and dog Brodie. We are new to Nebraska, hailing from Colorado, originally from the Midwest, and happy as clams to be back in the land of four seasons. When I’m not blogging you can find me working at my dream job at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, cooking vegetarian food, traveling, bicycling and canoeing... at the same time! Glad you’re here!