Ode to the anxious friend . . .

The one who sees and feels what isn’t said.

The one who questions every word she utters.

Whose heart feels what others can’t see.

Who questions her worth with every interaction.

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Ode to the endless thinker . . . 

Who replays every conversation to find a flaw.

The one who checks, double checks, and triple checks before sending a simple text or placing a call.

The one who questions why others want to be around her.

Ode to the self-talker . . . 

The one who speaks to herself about what she could’ve or should’ve done.

The one who’s scared a single spoken word made her lose their friend.

The one who tries to take everything into consideration when thinking a problem through.

Whose mind is filled with scenario after scenario of all that can and will go wrong.

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This is for you . . . 

The beautiful soul who sees through words.

To the one who tries so hard to be just right for everyone.

To the woman whose mind goes a million miles a minute.

To the friend who catches even the slightest change.

My prayer for you is this . . . 

Over all of the voices screaming at you that you aren’t good enough,

That you’ll choose to listen for the whisper.

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The one that speaks life into your anxious thoughts.

The one that breathes hope and grace into your day.

The one that tells you exactly what and who you are 

And it is simply this: You are His. 

Deborah Ackerman

I am a mother of three and passionate follower of Jesus Christ.  My oldest son, Luke, passed away from GM1 Gangliosidosis Type 2 Aug.19th, 2018.  My youngest child, Isaiah, is also affected by this same disease.  I write about my son's experience with this disease and how the Lord has blessed our lives through the struggle.