The cross inside Notre Dame Cathedral still stands.

Yes, the cross still stands. While life may burn down around us, the cross still stands.

When we feel that all is lost, the cross still stands.

When the world as we know it is turned completely upside down, the cross still stands.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the cross still stands.

What a timely reminder during this Holy Week to focus on the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Let us shift our focus from what was lost to what remains.

The cross still stands, it stands empty.

The cross reminds us of the sacrifice of The Savior. His body was broken so we could be made whole. The empty tomb encourages us with hope for the future. He was dead but now HE LIVES.

While the world may burn, the cross still stands.

Originally posted on Sprinkles In my Closet with Jenn Kish



Jennifer Kish

Jenn Kish is married to her high school sweetheart, Jared and together they are raising six (mostly) precious children. She loves to connect women to one another and most importantly to Jesus.