I always envisioned faith that moved mountains as a mighty, mighty Everest that topples into the sea with the gentlest breath of God. In my mind, every obstacle bowed like the mighty walls of Jericho.

And the thing is they can, and sometimes they do. But sometimes, we find ourselves surrounded by mountains. Towering. Unwavering. Monumental mountains that withstand years of tears and heartfelt prayers. Mountains that shake and tremble, but never fall. But here is the thing, mama, sometimes God moves mountains one pebble at a time.

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It doesn’t take great faith to move mountains. It isn’t our faith or our might that moves them to begin with. It is God. When you catch a glimpse of the immensity of God, suddenly everything else seems so small. And that faiththe faith that once was so largeseems now no bigger than a mustard seed. But my friends that is all the faith you need.

In our weakness, His strength is perfected. In our brokenness, His light can shine through. Our little morsel of faith placed in our incredible Godthat kind of faith moves mountains even when it takes time to see them completely uprooted.

I’ve had prayers that have lived on my lips for over 20 years. Somedays, I’m almost too bitter to pray them. But I can almost hear God whisper, “Ask me again.”

Sometimes I have to pray for the strength and the faith to simply ask one more time. But those prayers have changed. God, give me my pebble for today, and help me to carry it with joy.

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Pebbles bring mountains to their knees. Little by little, with every prayer, with every tear, every little drop in the bucketkerplunkanother pebble is moved. From where I’m standing it doesn’t seem that any progress is being made, from where God is that mountain has already fallen and He sees the beauty of what is on the other side, so He offers, “Ask again.”

And I do. I will. Because one day, one little pebble will move, and like an avalanche that mountain will crack and crumble and fall. One small rock brought Goliath to the ground. Someday you’ll look up and see nothing but bright blue sky. You’ll find rivers in desert places and a cloud on the barren horizon.

Little by little that mountain is chipping away. Sometimes God moves mountains one pebble at a time, but He always moves them. Ask Him again. 

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My name is Ashley Chavez. I am a wife, Mama to five precious arrows, a homemaker, and the creator and blogger of aimingarrows.co. I started my blog because I do not believe the best days are behind us, and I believe this generation of mamas can aim our arrows and our world back to God. I share all things Biblical motherhood, natural living, and a few recipes with tons of encouragement along the way! 

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