I used to be a night owl. In high school, I would stay up late watching reality television shows and then sleep in as much as I could in the mornings. I was always five to ten minutes late for first period and often apologized to my high school teachers for my tardiness. Like any high school student, I lived for the weekends so I could sleep in as late as I wanted. Ten years later and much to my chagrin, I married an early riser.

After being married, I find myself valuing my mornings. Ironically, I’ve found this sense of synchronization with my husband in my daily routine. We grab a cup of coffee and sit on our couch, checking Instagram. Sounds pretty mundane, but that’s what we do. As a musician, I tend to work in the afternoons and evenings so I use the first few hours of my morning to gain inspiration for the day. I have noticed that my attitude has become more positive since incorporating creative inspiration into my day. Now, I find that I don’t dread the projects I have to complete at work, I feel prepared, and I have more enthusiasm throughout the day.

As creatives, it is so important for us to actively seek inspiration. Here are some ideas for incorporating this into your daily routine:

1. Watch some form of media. Either a documentary, movie, or television show – watch it with intentions to create something out of an idea. Sit down on your comfy couch, grab a notebook, and write down words, phrases, or ideas that intrigue you.
2. Listen to a podcast! This is a new form of gathering information that could help improve your craft in great ways. It’s always beneficial to listen to the ideas of others.
3. Read. Push yourself to read a book that you normally wouldn’t read. Maybe it’s a fictional series, or that difficult book in the Bible that you can’t seem to understand fully. Challenge yourself to find meaning in it.
4. Change your surroundings. In a cubicle all day? Freshen it up, get some new decor, make your office a place that constantly inspires you and makes you wanna stay there all day. Or, plan a weekend trip to a nearby city. Sit down at some cafes, do some sightseeing, or take some creative pictures on your iPhone.

In order for me to be inspired, I watch a video that has beautiful cinematography while weaving a wall hanging. I tend to listen to a podcast while painting watercolor, or will often listen to music while writing for different projects. These forms of media motivate me to create. My best advice is to find something to pursue and make it a priority to find time to seek inspiration into your daily routine. The most important part of this is finding the time and making time for it.

While the morning used to be spent snoozing away in bed, it is now the most essential part of my day. I can’t go on with my day without being inspired or creating in some form. Ironically, this makes me thankful for my early-rising husband, for always pushing my ideas and encouraging me to keep creating.

Trina Harger

Trina Harger identifies herself as a millennial trying to find meaning behind creative discoveries. She loves to explore local boutiques and restaurants in her home of St. Louis. She also enjoys reading a good book, writing for her blog http://www.trinacherie.com/ and weaving wall hangings in her spare time. Trina received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, with emphases in vocal performance and worship arts from Greenville College and is continuously fascinated by the arts and spirituality. Though raised in Nebraska, she now calls St. Louis home with her husband, Lucas Harger, and their beloved husky named Sasha. Follow @trinacherie on Twitter and Instagram to see what she's up to at the moment.