I enjoy reading articles on time management. When I come across articles about managing the mornings, productivity hacks, or a “Day in the Life” post, I often click over to read. I especially enjoy reading how WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) manage their time and even like to see what their daily schedules or routines are. I often will use the articles as tools to manage my day.

Here is the problem: I have no idea whether or not I am a WAHM. 

Oh, I know that I am working at home. I have two smallish children, so yes, I am working. I also know many moms that have way more on their plate than I do. SAHMs do plenty of work…that is not my point here.

What classifies a WAHM? Do I have to actually pull in an income greater than a few bucks on Google Ads? More than an occasional sponsored post or sale on a printable?

I am almost embarrassed to say: “I have to get some work done.” I feel like I can hear someone wonder…what work? Yes, I spend hours and hours on the computer and there isn’t a regular paycheck coming my way.

I am excited that I now receive occasional income. It feels more legit. I can now read the articles about WAHMs and listen to the tips and advice without feeling like I was a SAHM masquerading as a WAHM.

Do I need to make a certain amount of money? Do I need to pass a certain number of page views on my blog? Do I need to have clients waiting for my work? When will I move from having a blog as a hobby to having a blog as work?

Here is the thing: It doesn’t matter. I can work on my blog and other side projects like it is work and still enjoy it like it is a hobby. I can feel 100% confident that my SAHM duties (my lovely daughters!) are way more important to me than my job…or my non-job. I still haven’t figured out whether or not I can call it a job. It doesn’t matter. 

It doesn’t matter because it’s perfect just the way it is. I have the opportunity to be a part of an encouraging online community of bloggers and try to get creative online, but I do not have the pressure of having the deadlines and pressures of a job. I can “work” as little or as much as I want to. I enjoy blogging and looking for other online opportunities. I enjoy researching and growing. I love to have a hobby for the early mornings before my girls wake up or during naptime, but a hobby that has income producing possibilities.

My long-term goal is to someday be a true WAHM when my kiddos are in school. I believe that the flexibility of working online would work well with a school schedule. Best of all: this is fun. It would be such a blessing to turn this into my “real” job someday.

SAHM vs WAHM…the title doesn’t matter. I will focus on the littles while enjoying this “job” on the side.

{Have you considered blogging? I created a tutorial to help you start a blog of your own.}


Emily Bredeson

Emily is lives in the Midwest with her husband and two daughters. She started Morning Motivated Mom to motivate herself to become an early riser. She enjoys spending the early morning drinking coffee, designing printables, and writing about managing time, money, the home and family. She strives to encourage her readers to enjoy their mornings and consider goal setting. http://www.morningmotivatedmom.com/