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What Is My Mom Title?

What Is My Mom Title?
Written by Emily Bredeson

I enjoy reading articles on time management. When I come across articles about managing the mornings, productivity hacks, or a “Day in the Life” post, I often click over to read. I especially enjoy reading how WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) manage their time and even like to see what their daily schedules or routines are. I often will use the articles as tools to manage my day.

Here is the problem: I have no idea whether or not I am a WAHM. 

Oh, I know that I am working at home. I have two smallish children, so yes, I am working. I also know many moms that have way more on their plate than I do. SAHMs do plenty of work…that is not my point here.

What classifies a WAHM? Do I have to actually pull in an income greater than a few bucks on Google Ads? More than an occasional sponsored post or sale on a printable?


I am almost embarrassed to say: “I have to get some work done.” I feel like I can hear someone wonder…what work? Yes, I spend hours and hours on the computer and there isn’t a regular paycheck coming my way.

I am excited that I now receive occasional income. It feels more legit. I can now read the articles about WAHMs and listen to the tips and advice without feeling like I was a SAHM masquerading as a WAHM.

Do I need to make a certain amount of money? Do I need to pass a certain number of page views on my blog? Do I need to have clients waiting for my work? When will I move from having a blog as a hobby to having a blog as work?

Here is the thing: It doesn’t matter. I can work on my blog and other side projects like it is work and still enjoy it like it is a hobby. I can feel 100% confident that my SAHM duties (my lovely daughters!) are way more important to me than my job…or my non-job. I still haven’t figured out whether or not I can call it a job. It doesn’t matter. 

It doesn’t matter because it’s perfect just the way it is. I have the opportunity to be a part of an encouraging online community of bloggers and try to get creative online, but I do not have the pressure of having the deadlines and pressures of a job. I can “work” as little or as much as I want to. I enjoy blogging and looking for other online opportunities. I enjoy researching and growing. I love to have a hobby for the early mornings before my girls wake up or during naptime, but a hobby that has income producing possibilities.

My long-term goal is to someday be a true WAHM when my kiddos are in school. I believe that the flexibility of working online would work well with a school schedule. Best of all: this is fun. It would be such a blessing to turn this into my β€œreal” job someday.

SAHM vs WAHM…the title doesn’t matter. I will focus on the littles while enjoying this “job” on the side.

{Have you considered blogging? I created a tutorial to help you start a blog of your own.}


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Emily Bredeson

Emily is lives in the Midwest with her husband and two daughters. She started Morning Motivated Mom to motivate herself to become an early riser. She enjoys spending the early morning drinking coffee, designing printables, and writing about managing time, money, the home and family. She strives to encourage her readers to enjoy their mornings and consider goal setting.


  • Oh, I love this post. Especially when you talked about being embarrassed to say you have some work to do – I get the feeling SO much!!

  • Enjoy it and being home with the girls. I’m toying whether to be retired or keeping up with all this. Blogging is fun but hard and sometimes exhausting. Not sure what direction wants this retired woman to go, but I’m sitting back and waiting on Him to lead me.

  • I loved this! If there is one thing I’ve learned from my arm being in pain when I type and needing to take a break from writing, it’s that I love everything about it. I miss it. And yes, I would “work” all those long hard hours without pay, because I simply enjoy it. Most of the time, that is. Sometimes I need to adjust my perfectionist “get it all done as soon as possible” attitude. I think we need to make up a word for hobby and job put together, lol. Jobby? ha!

    • Yes, if we have the expectation that we need to do it all and follow all the “blogging rules”, it can quickly get discouraging. It’s important to keep it all in perspective!

      Jobby? That works. πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Sometimes I feel pressure to “do something measurable.” However, [I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit] that pressure has to do with me measuring myself against my mommy-friends AND my need for them to believe I’m doing something important. The truth is, I was home with only one child and with no blog and felt completely fulfilled UNTIL I began measuring myself against my friends. I’m in awe of my working friends who are also great parents. But, that’s not even something I’m interested in. At least once a week I have tears because of what I GET to do with my life. It’s not easy at all. Not many people in my area of the country think I do much of anything, but I KNOW my children. They are known by me. Others do this while working outside the home. My husband does this while working full-time. But it would be a challenge for me and I don’t think I’d be very good at it.

    • Whether or not motherhood is measurable doesn’t matter. Being a mom is so important! I hope you are able to stop comparing so you remember that you can find fulfillment in being a mom. It can be hard though. Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚

  • I liked this! I know I sometimes feel pressured to explain why I am blogging, and that I really enjoy it even though I am not making any money. People are obsessed with titles. Isn’t that one of the first things we ask people when we meet them? “What do you do?” But you are right, it doesn’t matter. Thanks for that.

  • Very true! I feel the same way about my super part-time jobs: a blog and a fitness instructor. But being a mom is a full time job, so anything else is just extra! But I do feel weird sometimes saying “i need to work a bit” when my paycheck doesn’t really reflect the amount of time I spend on these projects!

  • Loved this! I am working a few days a week from home and the rest from the office but itΒ΄s easily to get distracted with kids around. If theyΒ΄re going to school you might have some more times to do stuff when they are away and focus on the littles ones after school time. Goodluck!

  • I’ve been wondering what my title is too. Sometimes I say SAHM, sometimes I say WAHM. Since I have an Etsy shop in addition to my blog, I probably fall a bit more on the WAHM side most days. But you’re right. The title doesn’t matter. “Mom” is the only title that matters. What comes in front of it isn’t important. #Titus2Tuesday

  • I really enjoyed reading this, Emily! I can definitely relate! Being momma to my two boys is definitely my priority but blogging takes up most of my (almost non-existent) free time! πŸ™‚

  • Emily, I think this is great! This topic has also been nagging me off and on. I think in our busy culture, where so many people measure success by a regular paycheck and working hours, it can be so easy to feel strange about doing work on-and-off at home. I mainly blog and dabble in freelance, and sometimes I feel downright awkward when talking with people that go to a regular 9-5. Since I’m pregnant with my first little one right now-just a few months away from deliver-it’s really good to hear your perspective so that I won’t feel bad for spending more time on being with my boy instead of trying to pull in more money.

    • I understand. I feel awkward talking about my blog and rarely mention it.

      Success if not measured by a paycheck! Keep that perspective when you meet your new little one. The time you spend with him is much more important. You cannot get that time back, so enjoy snuggling him and put making money on the back-burner if it’s financially possible.

  • I don’t know whether I’m a WAHM or not either because so far there has been about 9 bucks exchanged. Does that count? Hours and hours on the computer, online communities and writing and editing and graphics and mentoring and blog design and back design and yet – I LOVE it all! What a fun way to “work” and {possibly} make money! Always love your stuff, gal. Great post!

    • Thanks, Ruthie!! I know you are such an encouragement to many young moms. So all those hours are worth it. Especially when you enjoy it as much as you do. πŸ™‚

  • Love it! Yup add me to the list of don’t know if I would consider myself a “REAL” WAHM I’m working on it… but I’ll be for now I’m just a happy(tired lol) SAHM!

  • Great post!! I feel blessed that i can look after my kids and be able to try and work from home. The hardest thing is to try and fit in lunch time for mama πŸ˜›

  • @morningmotivatedmom:disqus this was so great!! I can totally relate lol – but you’re right, it doesn’t matter!! As long as we are loving what we are doing, the labels don’t change a thing <3

  • So glad I read this piece from you @morningmotivatedmom:disqus! I’ve been struggling with the label of work or stay at home too. Your words, however, are encouraging enough for me join you in saying: it doesn’t matter. Every mom is different, whether or not we are considered work at home or stay at home. As you said, the connections we make through this community and the time we spend with our children as they grow, that’s the most important. That holds more value. Thanks so much for sharing! Saying hello from Tuesday Talk

  • You’re absolutely right! It’s hard to balance treating your blog like a job in order to flourish to succeed with the fact that it doesn’t bring in much if any income. I’m right there with you.

  • This post really spoke to me today. Thank you for sharing. I understand how you feel. My kids are older and I’ve started trying to work more, but still maintain the flexibility that I adored when my children were home. My youngest went to Kindergarten. I’ve finally found some time this week to connect with others on Small Victories Link up. It’s really hard to get it all done. Leigh Hines, of

  • My thoughts on this, anytime you are taking in income, you are working. At home, at the office, or even from your car, you are working. You have the additional blessing of being able to stay at home and raise your babies and still help with the family’s finances. How you manage it all, is a testimony for others.

  • You are so right: “the title doesn’t matter.” I get stuck in that cycle as well on if I should call my blog work. I’ve finally decided it definitely is because I put such an insane number of hours into it :). But it really doesn’t need a label. I can so relate to you here!

  • I can relate to this but realistically… does it matter?! Titles are ambiguous (and perhaps I don’t like being fit into a box). lol

    Great thoughts you’ve shared here.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  • I’m with you Emily.I’ve never given it too much thought but I don’t think it matters how much money we make a ton of money from blogging or not. I also love meeting so many lovely women and being encouraged daily right from home. I admit that I don’t make a lot of money from it right now because my family is my priority, but I love having a hobby from home and something that I do make a little extra money from once in awhile;) Like you I hope I can make more of an income from it one day when the kids are older. I think the important thing to remember, whatever our titles are, is that we know who we are in Christ and what he calls us to!!

  • I would consider you a WAHM. I think of SAHM as a synonym for housewife. In fact, it use to irritate me that the name of the show was Desperate Housewives when most of the women worked. If it helps, you can consider yourself a part-time WAHM. As long as you WORK from HOME, you are a WAHM, even if you are in the building of your blog business stage.

  • I don’t think there is a real distinction between the 2, at least there should’t be. It is such a blessing to be at home with the kids, though, isn’t it? I’ve ‘worked’ from home as a home school support teacher for the last 11 years and it is great. Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth.

  • You know, Emily, we really don’t need titles. What matters is that you’re enjoying the time with your daughters and making your house a home. I’m so grateful for the flexibility I have to spend time with my kids and work around their schedules. And I can tell that you’re grateful too!
    Blessings to you.

    Marva | sunSPARKLEshine

  • I think the most important part of this piece is the fact that it doesn’t matter. I, too, am a blogger who would like to turn it into a full-time job once my kids are out of the house. But until then, I’m a SAHM with a really fun hobby!