The day started out like any other day. I dragged myself out of bed and used all my energy to move one foot in front of the other. I am not a morning person. Seeing me bright eyed and bushy tailed at the crack of dawn is a rare sighting and worth capturing by National Geographic when it does happen. As I am heading out the door, I am finally able to shake off the morning blues with coffee in hand and a bright blue scarf around my neck. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work I go. 

Now I happen to work at one of the happiest places on earth. No, not Disneyland (although there are kids everywhere), I work at a children’s museum. It’s a place where I can wear a clowns nose and everyone will think it’s normal. I can hang out with puppets and the kids think it’s the coolest thing ever as they stare in wonder. There is never a dull moment. It’s full of creativity, bursting with imagination, and it fits me like a glove.

Last week the museum held our first Kids Winter Gala and it was amazing. A local bridal shop sponsored the event and we were graced with the presence of local pageant winners who greeted the kids and helped teach them valuable lessons in manners and self-confidence. All the ladies were dressed in beautiful dresses, high heels, sashes and of course their crowns.

Before the event, I was handed a pin to wear for the evening. It was a crown, sparkly and brilliant. I gladly accept the pin, placed it on my blouse and proceeded to take a group selfie with all the other ladies. I felt beautiful and special. As the event came to a close and fifty six children made their way back to their parents we all began to wrap things up for the night. I quickly began to return the pin to the previous owner and they replied that it was a gift and that they wanted me to keep it.

I cried…yes I did.

In that moment, with their small gesture of kindness, I cried and you would have thought I won a pageant! You know what? I did win that day. I won a deeper appreciation for being myself, for embracing who you are and taking every moment captive and living it out to the fullest. I embraced what it meant to fully receive a gift and not feel guilty that I didn’t have something to give in return. That day I saw just how beautiful, truly unique and extraordinarily stunning we all are!

That day I won my crown. I wasn’t wearing a beautiful dress or walking in high heels but I was wearing confidence, love, encouragement, and heart. Those accessories are the best kind!

This is just a simple reminder that you wear an invisible crown everyday. You are royalty and are loved for being who you are. So go ahead, strut your stuff!

The day I won my crown

Jennifer Beck

Jennifer is someone who always has a smile to give! She enjoys writing about a variety of topics that woman can relate to and hopes to be an encouragement to others. She enjoys Mexican food, spending quality time with family and friends, watching musicals, traveling, and trying new recipes. Adventures have taken her to five different countries most of which were to serve others and share her faith in God. She now enjoys the good life in Nebraska and enjoys working with children. Creativity is another passion she has whether it's photography, painting, or crafting she is always seeing things from a unique perspective.