The idea that I might someday become a grandmother didn’t hit me until I was in my mid-forties and our son found his very special lady. With a daughter-in-law who owned a piece of my heart, I suddenly realized that maybe in the next few years grandchildren would join our expanding family.

To tell you the truth, even then, I wasn’t able to visualize myself as a grandmother. After all wasn’t I, um, like sixteen, yesterday?

Four years later when our first granddaughter, Taylor, was born I had totally changed my mind. As I stood with newborn Taylor in my arms, I wept for joy. A few years later, at the birth of Rylee, our second granddaughter, I felt all the same overwhelming  joy, love, and anticipation. Maybe even more so, because by then I realized that being a grandparent was one of the most incredible adventures of my life.

Fast forward eleven years (or nearly so) and my husband and I have just completed another “grandparent adventure.” This adventure took place in Cozumel, Mexico. Warm sunny beaches, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and general relaxation. Joining us on this adventure was our daughter, our son, our daughter-in-law, our granddaughters, and lots of friends. One of those friends was Flat Stanley, who was sent to us by our granddaughter-of- the-heart, Morgan. Morgan and her family — brother Max, Mom Marcy, and Dad Brian — couldn’t join our adventure, but they thought Flat Stanley might like to hitch a ride and come along. We were delighted to have him with us and soon discovered that Flat Stanley is a very wise dude indeed.

These are a few things he taught us during his visit.

  1. When your flight is delayed, whining won’t get you there any faster. You might as well settle back and enjoy the airport ambiance.The Grandmother Chronicles: Flat Stanley
  2. Music is good for the soul.The Grandmother Chronicles: Flat Stanley
  3. Relaxation adds years to your life.The Grandmother Chronicles: Flat Stanley
  4. New friends make you smile. The Grandmother Chronicles: Flat Stanley
  5. To keep yourself fit and flat, stay active.The Grandmother Chronicles: Flat Stanley
  6. No matter how far you travel or how much fun you have, it’s always great to come home again.The Grandmother Chronicles: Flat Stanley


Celebrations are one of the wonderful gifts God has given us. On this day that we celebrate our mothers, I hope you feel the Lord near. I also hope you take time to thank God for the wisdom He has given you through the important people in your life, maybe even Flat Stanley.


“I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths. When thou . . . runnest, thou shalt not stumble.” (Proverbs 4:11-12 KJV)


(All photos by Sue Harrison, used with permission of Sue Harrison and the people featured in the photographs: the Harrison family, the Hammond family.)

Sue Harrison

BIO: Novelist Sue Harrison is best known for her Alaska trilogies. Her novels, national and international bestsellers, have been published in more than 20 countries in 13 different languages. Her novel Mother Earth Father Sky was named by the American Library Association as a Best Books for Young Adults. Sue lives with her husband in Michigan, but has family here in Nebraska and love Nebraska's rich history. She is currently writing romantic suspense for the inspirational market. Catch up with Sue on her website and blog – .