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Before we tried to conceive our little prince we spent some time as a married couple. Getting to know each other, getting used to the commitment of marriage & most of all traveling and enjoying “us” time. We knew that when I got pregnant our whole lives would change. Of course, everyone will tell you this. I heard it 100 times before we even announced we were going to start trying for a baby. Now that we are parents this for sure hits home for me.

For the past three-and-a-half years, I have had the greatest blessing of all in my arms. My son is such a gift and I am forever grateful to God and to my husband for allowing me to be his mom. I get to stay home with him full-time which is an even greater blessing. I have also experienced some other things like less time to cook and clean, less time for my husband and me to talk about our day or sit down for a quiet dinner, fewer days for working out and for sure less sleep.

When you become parents, your focus shifts; your priorities shift and your life becomes a melting pot of spontaneous adventures. Being parents has been such a reward for us, and we look at each other daily in awe that we made and are raising a tiny human. (And that he’s so handsome.) 

But, here’s the deal—and the controversy. We believe and back it up with the Bible that my husband is the ruler of our home, the only higher to him is the Lord. Under him is me, I am submissive to him and he guards, protects, and loves me. Under me is our child. We are to raise, love, and guide him. Our marriage comes FIRST. Yep, that’s right—first! It is a Biblical belief we hold; we want to show our son an example of two people who after many years will still date, love, obsess, kiss, and care for one another. We want to be happy parents. To love each other and therefore love him 100 times more. Because this is what we believe, these things will happen:

1. We will have date nights often without our son. 
2. Our son will have a caregiver for times when we need one.
3. Our son will sleep in his own room (and sometimes get sleep over parties with Mom and Dad). 
4. We will discipline our son together and will not contradict each other in his presence.
5. We will always pray and strive to be the parents he needs and try to be the best examples for him on how to treat his future spouse.

Our son is a product of our commitment to marriage. I married my husband, not my son. When he grows up and leaves the house, my commitment to my husband still remains and we will still be home with each other honoring that commitment.

So, do we love our son? Duh! We are obsessed!

But . . . 

This does mean our marriage takes priority. Some days we want to take time out and re-focus on our marriage, our feelings, his job, my fitness, my writing, any and everything about us as individuals and as a ONE unit couple. To do so, we are blessed with people who help take care of him so we can accomplish these things.

If we are not happy, healthy, rested, and on the same page with each other, we cannot set a good example for our son and that is what we are called to do as parents.

So, do you think we are odd parents? Maybe you do . . . but we are relaxed, happy, and caring parents and above all we are following our hearts and our ultimate judge, the Lord. We are better to and for each other because of it.

Morgan Williams

Hi! My name is Morgan Williams & I am currently a stay at home mama to my son Logan. I am married to Lorenzo & we travel Europe for his professional basketball career. In my free time, I enjoy fitness & blogging about life, love, & travel. I also participate in women's bible study & some great charitable organizations. Thanks for reading!

How I Like My Coffee

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Mother and daughter drink coffee

I like my coffee with hazelnut creamer and a dash of almond milk. I like my coffee cold and neglected on the countertop because I’m busy soothing my new baby boy, the one who has made me a mother. In my long robe and slippers, I pace the kitchen floor and hold my swaddled son close to my heart. When his fussing grows quiet, I can hear the ticking of the big clock in the den. The dawn slowly reveals itself, brightening the kitchen in increments. It’s hard to imagine keeping my eyes open until he’s ready to nap again....

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Compassion Holds My Heart

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Child hugging mother

I lean my head in through the window of his van. The first thing I notice is the funny smell. Like cigarettes. And maybe body odor. The second? His tired, wrinkle-lined eyes. They’re dull, lethargic even. My daughter scrunches up her nose. I give her that look and try to hide my own misgivings. But Compassion climbs in the car with me.  And as the taxi driver guides the car toward our destination, I ask him about his story. Turns out he’s been driving all night. Till 5:30 this morning. Taking people home who were too drunk to drive themselves....

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I Was the Girl Who Ran Away From God

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Woman standing in grass, black-and-white photo

I was the girl. I was the girl who’d do anything to get high as a teenager. I was the girl who craved love and just wanted to be wanted. I was the girl who wasn’t afraid of anything. I was the girl who stopped believing there was a God. I was the girl who said I would never go back to church. I was the girl who was certain none of it was real anyway because I was wasting my time going places like that. I was the girl who let the heartache and disappointment of this old world...

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I Prayed for You Before I Knew You

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Mother holding baby, color photo

Baby, I have prayed for you—even before I knew who you would be.  I prayed I would be a mom one day when I was too little to know what I was praying for and again when I really thought my body would not be able to carry a baby. I prayed for you.  I prayed every day as you grew in my belly that you would be healthy, happy, and strong.  I prayed at every doctor’s appointment and scan that I would hear your heartbeat loud and strong.  I prayed for your arrival—for you to be safe and for...

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Dear Mom, I Miss You

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Grown woman and her mother, color photo

Dear Mom, Yesterday I went over to your house. I was hoping you would open the door, but Daddy greeted me with his sweet smile. Yes, he still has a mustache. The one you hate, but I did manage to trim it up for him. I cut his hair too.   We talked about you over coffee and waited for you to join us, but you never did. He’s doing his best to do this life without you in it, but his eyes are clouded with memories and mixed with pain. He misses you, Momma. RELATED: I Didn’t Just Lose...

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Spaghetti Sauce Faith

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Mother and little girl holding a bowl of spaghetti, color photo

It was Sunday afternoon, and I was loading my grocery cart higher than I ever had in my life. My husband and I, along with our two kids under two years old, had been living with his parents for three months. We moved from our Florida home to look for a house in Georgia, and they graciously took us in. This was the day I loaded up on groceries—filling an empty refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. My shopping list was all the things. I needed to buy the smallest of table ingredients like salt and garlic powder to the big things...

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Dear Introverted Mom, Take that Break

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Woman outside with book and food

I am alone, in a hotel room, 20 minutes from home, lying back in the crisp bed, feet propped up on billowing white pillows. A good book is in my hand. The large window beside me overlooks the Mississippi River as the sun slowly sets and people unwind for a southern Louisiana evening in downtown Baton Rouge. I’ll probably order room service for dinner. I spent the afternoon at the coffee shop across the street, sipping on a deliciously caffeinated beverage carefully made to my liking. I ate a delicate snack filled with fruits, fancy lettuce, and expensive cheese while...

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As an Anxious Mom, I Remind Myself You Were God’s Child First

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Little boy sleeping

I remember bringing that squishy baby home from the hospital. His 9-pound birth weight didn’t label him as scrawny by any means, but he was so small to us. I cringed the first time I laid him in the bassinet beside my bed. I wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on him all night long like the nurses in the hospital nursery. I couldn’t make sure he was breathing every second of my coveted slumber. To calm my worries, we turned on our bathroom light and left the door wide open. The extra light wouldn’t disturb our angel from...

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Home is Holy Ground

In: Faith, Motherhood
Kids and mom at home

Some days, I wake up and walk around my house feeling my chest rise looking at the chaotic mess I didn’t get done the day before.  Trampling over toys, incomplete laundry, and dishes that seem to load up by the end of the day. I pause, I stare, and I wonder which of the objects in each room I should tackle first. I take a deep breath and notice my heart and my mind are overwhelmed with a running checklist. Why can’t everything just get done all at one time? You can talk to a dozen mothers and I am...

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I Want My Kids To Know God’s Always There

In: Faith, Motherhood
Woman holding cross in the palm of her hand, color photo

A few months ago, my friend lost his dad. And it impacted our community profoundly. Because he loved SO BIG. Everywhere he went, he couldn’t help but talk to and engage with people—sharing a joke to make them smile or offering a compliment to build them up. He was a connector. And in all the connecting he did, he was quick to remind everyone he encountered that our hearts are ever connected to a God who loves us. It had become his thing to pass out little wooden crosses to those he happily chatted up as he went about each...

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