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In my life, I have had four protectors that God gave me on this earth.

Four men I knew I could count on to back me, love me, teach me, catch me.

Four whom I could call if something went wrong, and they’d be on their way in an instant. 

How blessed am I to have been able to grow up with that security. To know that even if I was wrong, they’d love me through it. To know if I needed someone to believe in me, they were there to do it. To know if I needed to learn something so I could be successful on my own, they’d show me the way.

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How blessed I have been.

I’m coming to realize that time changes all that. 

They’ve never stopped doing those things and being those men.

They’ll never stop loving me. This I know. 

This circle of life has shown me more and more, that they’ve carried me this far, but they can’t physically be with me for always. At some point, I will have to do it without most or all of them by my side.

It’s a stark and startling revelation. It’s honestly gut-wrenching.

The beauty of life is that it gives so much. The harshness of life is that in that beauty, you have much to lose.

I’ll forever be grateful for the men who pushed me to believe in myself.

Who taught me life lessons even when they didn’t know I was looking. Who held me accountable when needed. Who vouched for me when they didn’t have to. Who took a chance on me when most wouldn’t but did so because they saw something in me that others couldn’t. 

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To my dad, my grandpas, and my husband, thank you for showing me the beauty of this life. For showing me that love is often a steady hand helping you along the way. Thank you for loving me through all this life has brought. Thank you for being my foundation. 

I thank God for the angels He put on earth to help show me the way.

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