Last year, I had an abnormal mammogram that resulted in a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and eventually a biopsy. For a few weeks, I lived in the space where I may have cancer, and I may not have cancer.

On the same day I received my biopsy results letting me know all was thankfully well, I was working at the kitchen counter when I felt a slight tap on my shoulder.

I turned and, much to my surprise, saw my dad standing behind me in my kitchen.

He flew from Michigan to be with me. He said that regardless of the results, he knew it had been a hard week, and he had to be there.

This is my dad.

He is the king of surprises and always shows up when I need him most.

This is my dad.

He is fun. And when I say fun, I mean really fun. He is the guy everyone wants to have around. He will dance at any hour of the day and makes up strange words that make absolutely no sense but can send me into a fit of giggles.

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This is my dad.

He is tenderhearted and will openly cry when telling stories, watching movies, and sometimes for no reason other than the fact he is so overwhelmed with love when he sees his children and grandchildren. I never grew up thinking men don’t cry. It was quite the opposite.

I know every time I am saying goodbye to my dad, it will end with both of us in tears. Every time.

This is my dad.

He loves the Lord and over the past couple of years, I have seen his relationship with God blossom and grow. Yesterday, as he explained his morning routine and the sweet time he spends every day in the Word, I felt my heart swell with gratitude for the love my dad has for Jesus. I left inspired to get into the Word more.

This is my dad.

He admits his mistakes. And has always encouraged open and honest conversation. He has told me my entire life I can do anything and become whoever I want to be. When I was turning 10, he bought me a dictionary with a note tucked inside letting me know I could become the president if I wanted. That’s how much he believed in me.

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He does not judge. And he loves deeply. You can see it in his eyes. In the way he speaks. In his actions.

This is my dad.

The man who has always been there when I have needed him most.

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Jennifer Thompson

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