First of all, it’s an ugly industrial color. Kind of a muddy gray tone, one that will wear well, get washed a lot, and covered in messy stuff on a regular basis. It usually smells like motor oil, brake fluid, and sweat.

The sexiest thing my husband wears comes with pants that are just a bit short, and the button-up shirt usually has to be tucked in (which he hates). It started out new with lots of sharp creases and folds, but it’s been washed into smooth. The little name tag sewn onto the right shoulder never fails to remind me of the garage in an old movie with its fancy cursive scrawl.

Even though the color is supposed to hide stains, it’s gotten hit so many times that it has obvious spots around the arms and a few on the pant legs.

I don’t get to see him in it often, because he’s changed back into his regular clothes by the time he gets home from work. When I do get lucky enough to see him in it, my heart skips a beat. I’m not lying, an actual beat. I can’t help smiling and ladies, you know I’m checking out the view.

I’m talking about his work uniform.

It’s attractive for so many reasons that the ugly industrial color has nothing to do with the sexy factor.

First, because it’s a uniform and let’s be honest, uniforms are just no-fail eye candy. The 142,000 ladies who commented on the Gainsville, Florida police selfie obviously agree with me here. Two of the officers in the picture are married (sorry friends), and I’m betting that their wives love to see those uniforms for some of the same reasons I love to see my husband’s.

Beyond the superficial though, I love his stained, slightly-too-smal work uniform because it reminds me of all the reasons why he is wonderful. When I see it, I think of all of the mornings he’s up before it’s light and out the door to put in a full eight to ten. I see him working hard all day and coming home after dark. Every splotchy stain is a testament to his full, busy day.

That uniform makes me recall everything he’s done, the weekend time he spends taking classes for certifications to do his job better, the overtime he racks up, the second part-time job he picked up when we were expecting our first baby because he wanted to be extra sure that he could provide anything we might need. Just seeing him in his uniform fills my heart to brimming with all of the reasons why I love him.

I’m always proud of him, but on the rare occasion I get to see him in uniform I’m so full of pride I could float.

And that’s why I say the sexiest thing my husband wears is his ratty old work uniform.

Ladies reading this, tell me about your husband’s uniform. Whether it’s for military, police, fire, federal or private business. Is it the sexiest thing he wears? I’d like to hear about the things your husband does to make you proud and, yep, attracted to him.

Sarah W

Sarah is an author, blogger and guest poster for various websites. At work she's a pre-school teacher, but in this season of life she's home to cherish her family and write. When she's not chasing after her three kids, her husband, or their absurdly friendly black cat she is writing and drinking way too much black tea. You can find her encouragement on the winding path to becoming a published author at