‘Tis the season for beautiful lights, festive music, and ugly, ugly sweaters. 

I’ve always been a fan of the ugly Christmas sweater tradition, but this year my excitement is climbing to a whole new level, because I just discovered that National Lampoon Christmas Vacation sweaters are a thing. 


This is not a drill. Two of the most iconic parts of the season came together for a heck of a mash-up, and we are here for it. Here are five of our favorites!


The details are what make this sweater great. Look closely, and you’ll find that festive fairisle print is actually a collage of all of the absolute BEST parts of the Griswold’s Christmas fiasco—er, adventure.

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I know what you’re wondering, and YES, the Griswold house on this sweater actually lights up! (Electric shock not included, Clark.)

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This Christmas, you can drink your eggnog out of a Marty Moose mug while wearing your Marty Moose sweater. Boo-yah!

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Todd and Margo it up with your better half, and wear these funny couples sweaters (which are actually cozy sweatshirts) to your next ugly Christmas sweater party.

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Okay, so this isn’t exactly a sweater—but who are we to leave everybody’s favorite Cousin Eddie off of this list? 

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PS—You can get a giant inflatable National Lampoon RV for your yard this Christmas and you know you want one.

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