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These days are hard, mama. The sleepless ones. The nights you are awake every hour feeding your hungry newborn. The nights comforting your crying baby. The nights consoling your sick toddler. You can’t remember the last time you had a full night’s sleep, and you’re surviving on caffeine just to make it through the days.

These days are hard, mama. The transition into motherhood. You’re trying your best to be a good mother and the person you were before is slowly slipping away. Your life now consists of taking care of tiny humans who rely on you for everything. You brush your needs aside, and eventually, you forget who you used to be. You’ve lost every sense of your self-identity and only know yourself as a mother.

These days are hard, mama.

When you are needed by someone every second of the day. To change diapers and wipe dirty faces. To get snacks and make meals. To chase around toddlers and clean messes.

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These days are hard, mama. When you feel your marriage is struggling. Because you never have alone time with your husband. Because you can’t remember the last time you had a date night. Because you can’t agree on anything when it comes to the children.

These days are hard, mama. When your baby suddenly turns into a toddler right before your eyes. When you are packing away tiny baby clothes and hanging up the toddler ones. When your baby speaks her first words and takes her first steps. When she masters new skills and becomes more independent.

These days are hard, mama.

When you feel you are failing as a mother.

When you feel you are never making the right decisions. When you compare yourself to other mothers and wish you could have your life more together like they do.

These days are hard, mama. When your children become more independent. When they no longer need you to help them with everything. When they insist on doing things by themselves. When you feel like you’re no longer needed.

These days are hard, mama. When you feel you no longer have time for friendships. When you don’t even have time to make a coffee date. When catching up sometimes means sending a quick “how are you?” text rather than getting together in person.

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These days are hard, mama.

When you think about the life you used to live.

How simple things were before you had children. How much free time you had to focus on yourself, your marriage, and your career.

These days are hard, mama. But they will pass. And when they do, you just might find yourself wishing you could have them back.

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Rachel Zeko

Rachel is a special needs therapist turned stay-at-home-mom to two little ones. She enjoys being outdoors, chasing around her toddler, and writing about the joys of motherhood.

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