As a child I used to be frightened of thunderstorms. The loud bang would jolt me out of bed and I would run into the comfort of my parents arms. They would reassure me and I would fall back to sleep under their down comforter.

Now something even scarier awakens me at night. It usually comes unexpectedly after a long tiring day. At first it is a light thump, thump tapping against my back. Then it gets more persistent. I try to lay very still hoping it will go away. Thump, thump, thump it continues. Why won’t this stop? Then the strong grasp of my husbands hands encircle me as his as his pelvis moves rhythmically. Thump, thump, thump. Why do husbands think that it is romantic to wake their wives in the middle of the night to have relations? Who taught them this would be a good time?

Sleep escapes me because my baby often wakes me in the night. She’s little and needs my comfort so I am happy to cater to her every need, but my husband’s needs at 3:00 am are not something I care to oblige. Besides, what is romantic about me snoring while wearing granny jammies with baby vomit in my hair? I guess it is true when they say love is blind. At least it is at 3:00 am at my house.

His classic line to persuade me is, “the kids are asleep and since we are both awake why not?” I can give him a dozen reasons why not, but honestly juggling five children with busy schedules it may actually be the only time. I am flattered that my husband can see past all of my flaws and still find me beautiful. Marriage is a compromise and sometimes it means “giving it up” at odd hours of the night.

After our late night interlude my husband falls asleep with a smile and I am left wide awake thinking about all the tasks I need to complete the next day. My mind races and sometimes I just want to give my hubby a stiff elbow to the groin for waking me up, but usually I just watch him sleep and feel grateful to have this amazing man by my side.

The next morning my husband will awaken with a bounce in his step as he skips off to work. I on the other hand have bags under my eyes and am walking into walls. Heed my warning ladies, “You can’t run and you can’t hide from things that go bump in the night!”

Patricia Geurds

My name is Patricia Geurds. I am a mother of five children ages thirteen, eleven, eight, five, and 22 months. The experiences I share with my children inspire my writing. Writing is my hobby, but also a therapeutic process on the challenging days that often accompanies motherhood. The memories we make are very special to me and I am excited to share them. Before becoming a mom, I was a second grade school teacher. I have self published the children’s story, “Bedtime for Percy.” I look forward to writing more children’s books and developing products to make learning more meaningful for young children.