To All The Moms Out There Who Are Up At 3:00 a.m.

To All Those Other Moms Out There Who Are Up At 3am
Written by Annie Henriksen

You may be up tending to a little one’s high fever, nursing that newborn, or rocking the baby back to sleep. A mommy’s job is never done!

We defend the little ones from monsters under the bed.  We refill sippy cups by the low glow of the microwave, and make soothing hushing noises until we are horse.

To every mom who is up nursing a baby in bed while that sleeping husband next to you reminds you life would be easier if you were male – hang in there. Those late nights will soon be just a sweet memory. You will miss that quiet time with your baby. The low sound of their breathing. The hand on your chest slowing opening as they get full and doze off into a sweet slumber.

To the mom who is holding her breath when she hears those dreaded words “mom, mama, mommy” in the baby monitor in the wee hours of the morning. As you stumble to their room stepping on those sharp edges of Paw Patrol cars and slipping on those gold binding books, remember soon they will not call out for you. Right now you are their guardian angel when bad dream storm clouds are raining down on them. You will miss that dramatic embrace when you come into their room.

To any mom who is up in the middle of the night tending to their families needs, enjoy the quiet of the house. Take in the sweet hum of the heat vents, and the dim glow of the bathroom nightlight. Soon the house will be flooded with light and noise will be bouncing off the walls. Meals will be needed, laundry will be reproducing, and that to-do list will need a second page.

To the moms who are up at 3: 00 am, take a moment to breathe in those sweet sleeping faces, kiss those warm foreheads and take a moment to get your fix of Pinterest. Before you know it, those moments will be gone!

About the author

Annie Henriksen

Annie Henriksen lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She married her college sweetheart in an outdoor ceremony in thirty degree weather, just to keep things interesting. After a career in non-profit she was promoted to Stay-At-Home of her three year old daughter and one year old baby boy. She has a fresh perspective on parenting as a first time mom of an active toddler and one year old! She understands that every day as a parents will not be easy, but it’s about the laughter that fills the home that makes it worth it.

She believes family comes first on all fronts, and every day has its own challenges but you have to take them on one at a time.