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Everyone needs a toddler because a toddler doesn’t care.

A toddler doesn’t care if you’re wearing the same sweatpants that you wore yesterday.

Or if your fingers are un-manicured—your hair in the same messy bun today as it will be tomorrow.

Or if the busyness of your little world has left you days without a shower.

A toddler doesn’t care.

Everyone needs a toddler because to a toddler it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if your to-do list is left undone.

Or if your sink is full of dirty dishes and your laundry is piled high.

To a toddler, it doesn’t matter how many other people have a distaste for you.

Or who follows your page.

Or if you ever reach the mom boss success you aspire to.

Everyone needs a toddler because a toddler runs with open arms.

Rather you’ve been gone for five minutes or five days.

She looks up, eyes meeting yours, and she smiles.

Like you are the MOST amazing person in the world.

She yells your name from across the room with glee . . . Mooooooommm!

Spotting you in the crowd before anyone else.

Everyone needs a toddler because a toddler doesn’t know if you’ve lost yourself or found yourself.

She doesn’t know if you are the most popular or the least liked.

A toddler doesn’t know of the weight you may carry.

To a toddler, you are MOM, no matter what.

You are the one they want.

You are the one they need.

You are THE one for them.

Everyone needs a toddler because we teach them how to love,

But really, they teach us—
A love unhindered.
Unchanged by your failings.

Because their sloppy kisses and sticky fingers remind your heart what love really is.

Everyone needs a toddler.

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Sarah Lango

Sarah Lango is a momma of 3, wife, writer, speaker, Jesus follower, and coffee lover from small-town Missouri. She is the founder of Gracefilled Growth Ministries, where she writes about her faith, marriage, motherhood journey, and her new experience of being a “sick kids” mom. Her passion is to inspire others to live authentic lives, learning together, and embracing the grace that God so lovingly offers. You can read more of Sarah’s writing at

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