To the mom-to-be packing saltines and ginger ale for lunch, not sure how you’ll make it through the work day, wondering why no one told you that morning sickness lasts all day, you are a warrior and this is just a season, mama. I promise you will miss these days. 

To the mom with a newborn, feeling like you’ll never sleep again, wondering how you’re going to keep up, nursing, pumping, or washing bottles all day and most of the night, this is just a season, mama. Hold that sweet baby so tightly. I promise you will miss these days. 

To the mom with a toddler having her first grocery store meltdown, your face feels hot and you’re fighting tears. These moments can feel so hard, but later today, she will climb up into your lap and ask you to snuggle. Hold onto those snuggles . . . because this is just a season, mama. It will pass so quickly. 

To the mama on the first day of kindergarten feeling terrified to let your baby out into the world, wondering how you’ll pass the time today without just staring at the clock . . . this is just a season, mama. It will pass so quickly and you will miss these days. 

To the mama with a distant teenager, wondering why she’s shutting you out, missing the days when she clung to your leg and begged you to play all day, keep showing her how much you love her unconditionally. Keep praying for her. This is just a season, mama. Your baby will come back. 

To the mom dropping her baby off at college, fighting tears, wondering if she’ll remember all of things you taught her, praying she remembers who she is, and dreading the drive home to your now “empty nest” . . . this is just a season, mama and you have done so well. 

To the mom in the delivery room wondering how it’s possible that your baby is going to have her first baby, holding her hand through each contraction. She’s going to need you in a whole new way. And although you will not agree on everything, you will be the one she calls when each season starts to feel so long. When she isn’t sure that she will make it through, tell her that she is a warrior and remind her, “This is just a season, mama. This will pass too quickly and you will long for these days.”

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Brooke Smitsky

I am a wife to my favorite guy and mama to the two sweetest girls. I love Jesus. I'm slightly addicted to caffeine, and I'm happiest in PJs snuggled up at home.