We are a night shift family.

In our 20’s, we both worked nights. As a nurse, sometimes I saw my police officer husband during our shifts. We were newlyweds, new grads, living the dream and making the most of working all night long.

Today we’re 40. Well, I’m technically not there yet—but I’m close. I don’t work nights anymore, but my husband still rotates to that shift for 8 months out of the year. Living the night shift life lost its appeal a long, long time ago. But like all things in life, you have to make the most of it.

Here’s my way of doing just that.

Sarah’s Top Ten List of Reasons to Love Night Shift:

10. During the holidays, we know where to find the best Christmas light displays. My husband pays attention while patrolling the streets. When he has a night off, we get an amazing tour of lights.

9. We get first dibs on freshly made doughnuts. Not many people are up when the doughnuts are made—but a policeman on nights? Oh yeah, he brings home some yummy doughnuts.

8. My night owl tendencies pay off big time. It’s very normal around here to find me doing laundry and housework at night, after my husband is awake and at work, but before our teens (and I) need to be asleep.

7. Waiting up for one of our sons to be home by curfew is obviously my husband’s job, unless he’s at work. Then it becomes my job, but that’s okay. I’ll be up getting things done anyway.

6. When our sons are out at night, their dad is out, too! Along with his buddies on duty, we have eyes and ears all over town.

5. Teenagers tend to keep busy schedules, and dinner time gets later and later. No worries—a late family dinner works out very nicely while working nights.

4. Our German Shepherd dog earns her keep by guarding our house at night. She’s a family pet, a very protective one, on alert inside our home.

3. We’ve been known to make a middle of the night run to the store, and not many people are there at 2AM. No lines, no crowds—just employees stocking shelves.

2. When our neighbors’ heat pump broke at 3AM, making a loud noise outside our bedroom window, guess who was awake and went next door to help them?

1. My husband comes home after a long night of police work, and there’s nothing better than that.

The challenges of working nights are plenty, but I’m choosing to focus on the positives. If you’re living this life like I am, my advice is this: disconnect your doorbell, buy room-darkening shades, and enjoy your fresh doughnuts!

Sarah Luke

Born and raised in Chicagoland, Sarah now calls Nebraska home. She’s been married for 19 years to Derek, her college sweetheart. They have three sons—one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school. She worked as a registered nurse before staying at home full time with the boys. Maybe someday she will go back to nursing, but for now she loves keeping up with her family and enjoying the moments set before her. Swimming and reading are her favorite hobbies, along with boating and camping. She’s quick to point out that she camps in a camper, and leaves the tent camping to Derek and their boys!