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I never believed in love at first sight . . . until there was a boy. 

A boy who made my heart whole the first time he looked at me. 

A boy who held my hand and touched my soul at the same time. 

A boy who challenged me and helped me grow.

A boy who showed me that, even on the worst days, the world is still a beautiful place. 

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A boy who reminded me how to laugh until tears ran down my cheeks.

A boy who tested my patience and made me better because of it.

A boy who picked me flowers and told me he loved me.

A boy who brought back the magic of seashells and sandcastles and walks along the beach.

A boy who always said “I missed you!” when we had been apart and never seemed to believe I had missed him more even though I had.

A boy who needed me but didn’t know how much I needed him too.

A boy who came into my life and changed it forever.

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I never believed that love could really last forever.

Until there was a boy.

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Katharine Lindh

Daughter, wife, mother, dreamer, writer, believer. Originally from the United Kingdom, transplanted to Las Vegas, NV.

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