Let’s hear it for the veteran moms.

The old pros, the ones with experience.

The moms who walk onto the labor and delivery floor and tell the nurse, “This baby is coming now,” with conviction.

The moms who push twice and that baby is out. The moms who told their doctors they would never make it to 39 weeks and needed the C-section scheduled earlier.

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The moms who know exactly what they want after they deliver their baby because they’ve done it before. 

Skin to skin, breastfeeding, formula, delay the bath, get some rest . . . they don’t need suggestions—they know it with the confidence you only gain with experience.

Let’s hear it for the veteran moms.

The ones who bring the baby home and tell their entire family they need two weeks to recover before they have visitors. Yes, mother-in-law, that means you too.

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Or the ones who throw a party the same day they get home from the hospital because they totally have this. The more hands to hold the baby, the better. Just please bring a meal and wash your hands first.

The ones who have the room set up precisely how they want it. Or the ones who only put the necessities out because they know that new baby won’t need much at all.

Let’s hear it for those veteran moms. 

The ones who know they don’t need to spend money on certain things. That the cheap bouncer or swing or bottles will do the job just fine. The ones who know an expensive stroller will save your back and the perfect gliding swing, your sanity. 

The ones who know they won’t ever use ten newborn onesies but will need ten 0-3 pajamas. The ones who know you have to buy socks a size bigger and you don’t need mittens if you’ve mastered cutting baby nails.

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The ones who can change their babes in the darkest rooms with no light and can close a door in complete and utter silence.

The ones who superstitiously swaddle their babes and pop in a pacifier and turn on white noise. The ones who know a vacuum cleaner, a drive in the car, and babywearing will surely help their newborn drift off to sleep.

Let’s hear it for the veteran moms.

The moms who can do 700 things at once. 

Fix a snack, eat lunch, prep dinner, breastfeed a baby, and soothe a toddler. The ones who can keep schedules straight for many people and still remember to pick up the dry cleaning. The moms who know exactly what to prioritize to make it through the day, and no, makeup isn’t one of them.

Hey veteran moms, you make this look easy. With experience comes confidence. With confidence comes certainty. With certainty comes courage.

Mama, no one is going to tell you how to do things.

These are your babies, and you don’t need help this time. This time, you’ve got it.

Caroline Murray

Caroline is a freelance writer, mama to two young children and one sweet baby.  She loves everything country and tries not to take anything too seriously.  You can see more of her at www.the-othermom.com.