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We are the generation of mothers who know too much.

We know what we shouldn’t eat when we’re pregnant, what we shouldn’t drink, the vitamins we should take, the medicines to avoid.

We know the research on breastfeeding and bottle feeding and formula brands and sleeping styles.

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We know which cribs, car seats, bouncers, or boosters have been recalled.

We know all the things our kids can choke on, drown in, fall into, get smothered by.

We know all the deadly diseases, mystery illnesses, freak accidents, horror stories, and cautionary tales.

We have heard just about every possible scenario that could injure, traumatize, disturb, or take away our children.

We are the generation of mothers who know too much.

Knowledge is power, we think. The more we know, the safer and more prepared we can be.

Knowledge is a gift. We know better than the generations of mothers who’ve gone before us. We’ve learned from all the mistakes.

But if we’re not careful, knowledge becomes fear.

It becomes preparing for scenarios that will probably never happen, stealing us away from the good things happening right now.

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Peter knew too much.

When he was walking across the water to Jesus, he’d heard the stories of boats and storms and waves. He knew what would happen if we under. He knew better than to walk out onto that water. He knew it wasn’t possible.

And for a moment, he remembered. I can’t do this. I’ll drown. This isn’t safe.

Until Jesus reminded him . . . 

Keep your eyes on me, Peter.

Stop looking at the waves, Peter.

Stop obsessing about what you know about the world and focus on what you know about me, Peter.

Because the truth is that even though we know too much, we don’t know everything.

But we know the One who does.

And we know he loves those little ones we long to protect more than we ever possibly could.

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