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This is the last of the wedding photo over share. I promise. I’ll never mention our wedding again, okay? From here on out it’s all non-stop drivel about the woes of home ownership and entire posts dedicated to photos of our cat. Buuuuut until then… here are a few more shots from our insanely talented photographer, Stacy Ideus. No surprise, I was on an emotional roller coaster all day. Crying in one shot… laughing the next. It was a beautiful day. Thanks for humoring me.

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RINGS: [The incredible] Todd Reed

VENUE: Spencer Hill Cabins

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stacy Ideus Photography

MUSIC: Sandy Creek Bluegrass

HER DRESS: My mom’s (made-over by Nadine Noker, seamstress extraordinaire)

HIS SUIT: Emsud’s Clothiers


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